Sunday, November 2, 2008

Online Eye Makeup Tutorials

I was searching for some fun ideas for Halloween makeup, and stumbled across this young woman, who posts on YouTube.

She does eye makeup tutorials online, talking about products she likes, how to get certain colors, and she's also pretty funny - making the videos entertaining. She's from the UK, and she's gained quite a cult following doing these videos out of her home - it even supports she and her son.

Point is, she has almost 200 videos posted so far, and they range from the neutral to the highly exotic. She has posted some specific makeup copies - Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, the women from Sex and the City - but she also has some very creative styles of her own.

So go watch a few - they're all right at 10 minutes, not a big committment.

As Lauren says at the end of videos, Zoom zoom!