Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big "W" and other things...

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the proper way to apply bronzer. I'm not sure that it will ever be settled - all over the face, just where the sun hits, more like blush? Who knows?

Well, apparently the editors of People's Summer Style Edition do. I only read People when I fly on planes, or if someone randomly brings one within 10 feet of me. It's a guilty pleasure, and because it's expensive (and less satisfying than makeup) I manage to avoid it. But the Style issue I could NOT pass up.

Apparently, bronzer should be applied in a large "W" on your face - accenting your cheekbones, then up and arching over the bridge of your nose. I have been trying this the past few days (I'm normally an all over glow kinda gal), and it's actually quite pretty. A different look than I'm used to (what can I say, pale girls like to pretend!), but I think I'll keep it in the arsenal.

On a completely unrelated note - Neutrogena has come out with a new online skin profiling system called SkinID. It's to diagnose your specific acne problems and get your own personalized kit designed for your skin. It's definitely the most in-depth skin analysis I've ever done. I won't be ordering it, because I know the reason my skin breaks out: STRESS and touching my face while I'm studying. Does NOT take a rocket scientist (or an online profile). However, I think it's a neat idea, especially if you or someone you know deals with acne. It gets pretty specific.

Finally, a plug for my recently re-discovered favorite lip gloss: Her Glossiness by Benefit. I love Benefit, it's a great company with awesome packaging and marketing. I own almost every product they have. I got a freebie sample of Her Glossiness in Life on the A List (a pale pink) a while ago, and it really is one of the best wearing, best consistency glosses I've ever tried. I truly enjoy it, and find myself savoring that eensy weensy tube, trying to make it last. Although, at $16 for a fairly decent sized tube, I don't know what my issue is. I haven't tried any of the darker colors, but if I were suggesting, I'd REALLY say go for this color. I love how easy it is, how full it makes my lips, and if you want more color, try a stain or pencil underneath it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hair fun!

Sorry for the hiatus - I've been in Denver visiting Roomie and her beautiful children. It was a great week and I'm well rested - much better for the lines in my face than studying!

A few fun things happened while I was there:

1. I got to try Catwalk's Oatmeal and Honey Conditioner - I've been dying to try this stuff, because I adore Catwalk products and because the flavor smells SO yummy. Roomie had some in her guest shower, so I gave it a try. It's very thick, the smell is delicious, and my hair responded really well. It's formulated for damaged hair, but I think it would work for just about anyone, except maybe those with really fine hair - it could be too heavy. And, as luck would have it, a salon in the mall had the 1L size 60% off today! Lucky me! I bought a pump to make it extra convenient. I can't wait to try it!

2. I got to go to Ulta for the first time - I'd been hearing all about their fun beauty products, especially that, unlike Sephora, they have a large hair care section. On my list of products to try was Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream. Beauty mavens all over the web have raved about this product - and I must say, they weren't lying! I have yet to try it with my hair curly, but when it's straight, it makes my hair SO shiny and smooth, it's really unbelievable. Also, now that I am back to a deep brunette again, the extra shine really gives an extra kick! I think it would make a great product for those who have straight hair and don't necessarily NEED product, but could use a little extra shine and sleekness. Also, it makes my hair really soft. Good stuff. Slightly high on the price tag (ranges from $9 for travel size to $26.50 for 7oz) - but they recommend using just a pea size amount, so it should last forever. I think it's going to be one of my new favorite products.

3. This wasn't in Denver, but I read about it on the plane back, so it counts. Sunsilk, who, admittedly, really doesn't produce all that great of hair care products (but they'll do for the price), has come out with a summer line called Waves of Envy. One of those to give you that wave that looks like you've been in/at the ocean all day. They have a shampoo, conditioner, glossing cream and spray. I bought the spray at $2.83 - a steal even if it only half works. I tried it last night to get that tousled look (my hair had been straight), and I was pretty satisfied - I think it would work better if I tried it on my hair when it's curly, or if someone with straight hair did it - because anything moisturizing wants to make my hair curly again. However, I think it will be fun for the beach next week! Definitely worth the $3 if you want a fun summer look!

Sunsilk is also offering free samples, but honestly, for $3 - who wants to wait 10-12 weeks???

Finally, I learned a cool tip that might be useful with either the Glossing Cream or the Waves of Envy. A website was promoting how to put wave in your hair, and their recommendation was to apply the product, then take sections of your hair, twist them, and hold them (loose or tight - depends on how you want your wave) while you dry them with the blow dryer - presto! Waves! The cream should eliminate most of the frizz. I even tried it on my hair straight out of the shower - and while it made me more ringlets than waves (shocker...), it definitely make a different look!

Happy Summer Hair-ing!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Spring and Summer's new hot eyeshadow color is YELLOW!

No, not gold. Not slightly yellow ivory. Serious, tried and true, yellow.

I'll admit, I was a skeptic. Well, a skeptic who doubted yet immediately went out to search for yellow shadow. It's hard to come by, unless you're traveling to Sephora. But I managed to luck out with L'Oreal's HIP Shadow Duo in Flamboyant. Now, quit rolling your eyes...I know I am prone to loving bright color, but believe me, yellow - it's awesome. Allow me to digress.

I look AWFUL in yellow. I really can't wear it at all. There are a few rare shades that are acceptable on me, but for the most part, just...no. No one ever believes me. I've had numerous encounters in stores where I remark, "This is cute, but yellow. I'll look sick." To which my friends reply, No!! You'll be cute! And then I hold it up to my face, and they politely say, "oh."

Plus, I hate LSU.

As you can imagine I had no hopes for yellow eyeshadow. But when I put it on...oh, the beauty!!! SO lovely, and the purple shade with it (which is matte) is a great blender. And I received a ton of compliments on it! It's different, to be sure, but it can be toned down, adapted, anything. LOVELY!

So, here's my suggestion - give yellow a try. This week, the HIP set I got is $5 at Target and buy 1 get 1 50% off at CVS. In addition, Cover Girl has just released a new line of colorful eyeshadow trios and singles that may LOOK scary, but are actually great. They have a single shadow in a nice rich yellow that probably retails for about $4. And you could mix it with something less scary, like a brown, just to dip your toes in the water.

Final points to win you over:
  • Consider a color wheel. I'm sure we all remember learning about them in art class. Complimentary colors are the ones opposite on the color wheel. Well, for all of you Blue-Eyed Beauties - notice how yellow lies opposite purple on the wheel? Yellow will bring out a lovely shade in your blue eyes (much like gold can).
  • Brown-Eyed Girls - If you look carefully at your gorgeous eyes, you'll probably notice flecks of green, yellow, gold, etc in your eyes - wearing these colors as shadows can help pull them out and give your eyes a really unique look.
  • It's cheap. At least I gave a drugstore deal option this time
  • I'm not lying when I say this is the hot new color - this outfit got Emmy Rossum all sorts of press - because she wore yellow shadow with it as well - and she looks GORGEOUS!

Go out, be brave. It's worth it.