Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big "W" and other things...

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the proper way to apply bronzer. I'm not sure that it will ever be settled - all over the face, just where the sun hits, more like blush? Who knows?

Well, apparently the editors of People's Summer Style Edition do. I only read People when I fly on planes, or if someone randomly brings one within 10 feet of me. It's a guilty pleasure, and because it's expensive (and less satisfying than makeup) I manage to avoid it. But the Style issue I could NOT pass up.

Apparently, bronzer should be applied in a large "W" on your face - accenting your cheekbones, then up and arching over the bridge of your nose. I have been trying this the past few days (I'm normally an all over glow kinda gal), and it's actually quite pretty. A different look than I'm used to (what can I say, pale girls like to pretend!), but I think I'll keep it in the arsenal.

On a completely unrelated note - Neutrogena has come out with a new online skin profiling system called SkinID. It's to diagnose your specific acne problems and get your own personalized kit designed for your skin. It's definitely the most in-depth skin analysis I've ever done. I won't be ordering it, because I know the reason my skin breaks out: STRESS and touching my face while I'm studying. Does NOT take a rocket scientist (or an online profile). However, I think it's a neat idea, especially if you or someone you know deals with acne. It gets pretty specific.

Finally, a plug for my recently re-discovered favorite lip gloss: Her Glossiness by Benefit. I love Benefit, it's a great company with awesome packaging and marketing. I own almost every product they have. I got a freebie sample of Her Glossiness in Life on the A List (a pale pink) a while ago, and it really is one of the best wearing, best consistency glosses I've ever tried. I truly enjoy it, and find myself savoring that eensy weensy tube, trying to make it last. Although, at $16 for a fairly decent sized tube, I don't know what my issue is. I haven't tried any of the darker colors, but if I were suggesting, I'd REALLY say go for this color. I love how easy it is, how full it makes my lips, and if you want more color, try a stain or pencil underneath it.


Anonymous said...

SkiniD personalized acne treatment, Not a chance! If the recommended products don't work the sales agents tell you to retake the evaluation in case you got the wrong products! If it's too drying they tell you to cut back on the 'acne treatment' as its too strong.

And to go from bad to worse it seems like now the SkinID 60-day money-back guarantee doesn't apply beyond the first refill kit. And did you know that even if you do return the first or second kit for a refund it can take up-to 30 business days after they receive it before they will even issue a refund.

The other regular Neutrogena acne products (@$18.99) are just as good as SkiniD(@$39.90+shipping) at with a new 'brand'
See: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System

Vishal Shirodkar said...

I dont have a good feeling about SKinID personalized treatments. I think a dermatologist can be best option for Acne problems other than any hyped product in the market.

I also think a proper Skin care is a key to Acne. Acne can turn to worst if you dont take care of it.
Basic Remedies for Acne must be practiced at least at the basic level