Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Spring and Summer's new hot eyeshadow color is YELLOW!

No, not gold. Not slightly yellow ivory. Serious, tried and true, yellow.

I'll admit, I was a skeptic. Well, a skeptic who doubted yet immediately went out to search for yellow shadow. It's hard to come by, unless you're traveling to Sephora. But I managed to luck out with L'Oreal's HIP Shadow Duo in Flamboyant. Now, quit rolling your eyes...I know I am prone to loving bright color, but believe me, yellow - it's awesome. Allow me to digress.

I look AWFUL in yellow. I really can't wear it at all. There are a few rare shades that are acceptable on me, but for the most part, No one ever believes me. I've had numerous encounters in stores where I remark, "This is cute, but yellow. I'll look sick." To which my friends reply, No!! You'll be cute! And then I hold it up to my face, and they politely say, "oh."

Plus, I hate LSU.

As you can imagine I had no hopes for yellow eyeshadow. But when I put it on...oh, the beauty!!! SO lovely, and the purple shade with it (which is matte) is a great blender. And I received a ton of compliments on it! It's different, to be sure, but it can be toned down, adapted, anything. LOVELY!

So, here's my suggestion - give yellow a try. This week, the HIP set I got is $5 at Target and buy 1 get 1 50% off at CVS. In addition, Cover Girl has just released a new line of colorful eyeshadow trios and singles that may LOOK scary, but are actually great. They have a single shadow in a nice rich yellow that probably retails for about $4. And you could mix it with something less scary, like a brown, just to dip your toes in the water.

Final points to win you over:
  • Consider a color wheel. I'm sure we all remember learning about them in art class. Complimentary colors are the ones opposite on the color wheel. Well, for all of you Blue-Eyed Beauties - notice how yellow lies opposite purple on the wheel? Yellow will bring out a lovely shade in your blue eyes (much like gold can).
  • Brown-Eyed Girls - If you look carefully at your gorgeous eyes, you'll probably notice flecks of green, yellow, gold, etc in your eyes - wearing these colors as shadows can help pull them out and give your eyes a really unique look.
  • It's cheap. At least I gave a drugstore deal option this time
  • I'm not lying when I say this is the hot new color - this outfit got Emmy Rossum all sorts of press - because she wore yellow shadow with it as well - and she looks GORGEOUS!

Go out, be brave. It's worth it.

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