Monday, October 27, 2008

Sephora Beauty Insiders!!! DEAL ALERT!!

For anyone who has a Sephora Beauty Insider account (these are free - go to your local Sephora and sign up if you want this) - Sephora is offering a nice discount!

Enter code JZD55MXH at checkout to receive $15 off of a $35 or more purchase! Sephora is also offering free shipping and samples with your order, so this is a FABULOUS opportunity!!!

Alright, math time - if you spend $35, this amounts to a 42% discount - CRAZY!!!

Many of the brands Sephora offers are selling Christmas gift sets - including Benefit, Urban Decay, Philosophy, and many, many others. Start shopping!!!

Let me know if you need any help ;-) Offer ends Oct 31st - and obviously applies to online shopping.

Thanks to Jen at Mythbuster Beauty for passing along such an incredible deal! Please check out her site, she always checks out fun stuff!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sexual Healing - for hair?

Now, this post is going to lead you to believe that I am COMPLETELY INSANE.

But bear with me.

As I was perusing some hair product forums today, I came across one lady's "recipe" for her curly hair. She's yada yada yada-ing, using all the forums acronyms and abbreviations for products, and she mentions how one step is to apply "KY" to her hair.

In my mind, I'm thinking, KY...wonder what that's an abbreviation for? Meanwhile, the 14 year old in my head snickered a little at how it sounded like sex lube.

SO I did a little digging. And folks, THEY ARE SERIOUS.

SEX LUBE. For your hair!

I was incredulous! Who in their right mind would do this? And who is the sicko who discovered it?

As it turns out, generic KY is a cheaper alternative to a much-loved anti-frizz product used by people with all types of hair - basically anyone who tends to get frizz or not as much control as they'd like. And it is WIDELY popular.

Well, always willing to try something new, I had to check it out. I obtained some generic KY, washed my hair, and applied it before my regular hair products. Side story: I bought a new mousse a few weeks back that gives me frizz I am not fond of, so I was eager to see the difference.

As much as it pains me to admit, the stuff really worked. My frizz was significantly reduced (esp. considering it was the second time I washed my hair today!), and my hair looked glossy and shiny. There was absolutely NO feeling of lube in my hair, it felt exactly the same as it does with nothing in it (I applied it when my hair was wet). Except maybe my hair feels nicer. Definitely not sticky or anything.

So, if you have issues with frizz, whether you are curly, straight, whatever, this may be something to try. I personally used the "jelly" version, which is lighter and more water based - but of course there are the more serum-like types that may work for you. Generic is good because it is cheap. And for the science nerds out there - the reason this works is because it is high in glycerin, which is a humectant, and draws moisture from the air into your hair. Gooooooooo science!

Sex lube for hair - who would have guessed?

Venture forth, brave souls!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just received a code today for 20% of your purchase at Benefit cosmetics!

This is wonderful news because not only does Benefit have great products (some of which I discussed in my last post), but they also have come out with some cute new gift sets for Christmas!

You should definitely go check the gift sets out, but also take a gander at the Buh Buys - which have great deals on some cream shadows, makeup brushes, and a few other fun products!

Benefit has also just introduced a new mascara color - BadGal Plum - guaranteed to accentuate your eye color. Plum, as I mentioned before, is so hot right now (as Mugatu would say...). Fun for a try!

You'll really just have to go check it out. I'll give you recommendations if you really need them, or you can check my Benefit label to see what I've liked and not liked.

The code is BENEBABE. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Update!

Hooray for fall - my most FAVORITE season of the year!

Well, I still haven't made it to our Ulta is a little bit of a haul, and with gas prices being what they are, and my bank balance being what it ISN'T, well, I just haven't made it.

I did get to visit one last week in Nashville, and that was a welcome surprise, as it was an Ulta almost as big and nice as a Sephora. VERY exciting. While there, I purchased a few fun items:

1) Bed Head's Foxy Curls line - I bought the mousse and spray. They are GREAT! I love anything from the Bed Head/Catwalk line, but these two items are especially great for anyone with curly hair that happens to be FINE instead of coarse like most curly gals. That plus my new, much darker hair color actually have me out of bed and doing my hair every morning!

2) Two versions of Ulta brand conditioner - I bought the color specific and the moisturizing. They were FOUR DOLLARS (they were having a sale). Seriously. This is cheap for conditioner that is more like a designer brand. Excellent. More later on the color specific - we'll see if I fade back to brassy, formerly blonde-now-blah brunette again...let's hope not!

3) Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Rose Elastique - I love Bourjois eye shadow. It really coats well, stays on nicely, and has just enough shimmer so you don't look like a "working girl," but enough so that you get a nice accent. In the week and a half since I purchased, I've probably worn it 7 times, which in my repetoir is pretty dang good. HIGHLY recommend anything from their eye shadow line.

I also picked up some odds and ends from their clearance bins - all great deals, all GREAT makeup - Ulta brand products really seem to be proving themselves.

Now, as for fall trends - I've been meaning to do this for a while, but seeing as how in TN, it just got colder, I don't think I'm too far behind. Here are some of the fun new trends for fall:

1) Grey/silver eye - This is an excellent excuse to try out some of the shadows I RAVE about - Bourjois, Urban Decay, even L'Oreal's HIP line. A nice, subtle grey eye, especially with a hint of purple, is HUGE this year. Don't think smoky eye as much as a nice subtle, almost neutral tone. My personal favorite? Benefit's new creamshadow in Gossip. Now, this is a bit more purple than grey, and the reason I like it is because, for some reason UNKNOWN to me or anyone at Clinique who has ever done my makeup (seriously, they try this every time, even when I warn them), grey eyeshadow just does not work for me. Looks horrible, washes out my skin and eyes, just not a good match, me and grey. LOVELY on every other human being on the planet. But I digress... Point is, even if grey isn't your color, there are options, GLORIOUS OPTIONS! Benefit's cream shadows go on so nicely, really blend well, and are honestly the best cream shadow I've tried. I pair this over the color Honey Bunny (which does not seem to be on the website, but is a nude with a slight pink tone), and I love it. Incidently, this is also a perfect "first makeup" pair for a teenage girl - just enough color to look like something, but not so much they can take it too far. And if you are more into grey, Benefit's Skinny Jeans is also killer. Go try them!

2) Darker lips - This is sometimes a hard transition for people. Grey eye, sure, we've all been there. But for those who never wear lipstick, these deeper, plum-ier tones are hard to deal with. I'm with you. With pale skin, I tend to get the goth look going mighty fast. However, it can be eased into, with relatively no problem at all. I direct you ONCE AGAIN to Clinique's Black Honey Almost lipstick. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, please do. I really have yet to meet someone it looks bad on (maybe not your taste, but never bad...), and it is a perfect way to check out this fall trend. Other tops on my list are Clinique's Butter Shine Lipstick in Crushed Grape (looks way more scary online than it really is), and if you are REALLY not brave, Bath and Body Works has a new line of C.O. Bigelow Mint Lip Glosses with tint in them - you can get Plum, Violet, Nude, all sorts of colors. They're much more like a plain lip gloss, so you can be "safe." I've been keeping my Black Honey on hand in my purse - SO FUN! Just don't forget to tone down the eyes a bit if you're going all out on lips. No need to look like last night's drag show.

3) Tight lining - Now THIS is amazing. I had heard about it on a few blogs, and then had my makeup done at Laura Mercier recently (amazing products, by the way), and the guy doing my makeup tight lined my eyes. It looked so natural, yet added so much to my eyes. I really can't explain it. It's hard to get right at first, but when you do - whoa mama! It looks so pretty, and is great if you need the definition that black liner gives you, but aren't really into black liner, or want to wear another color (grey? purple? GREEN?). Instructional video here. It should also be noted that this can be done with a well sharpened, soft (think kohl) pencil. It make take you a few tries, but I promise, when you get it, it's worth it!

Other trends for fall are: thicker brows, nude cheeks (probably to offset the grey eyes and dark lips - remember, this is NUDE, not BARE), and purple anything and everything, including mascara.

Go play! Hooray for fall!