Monday, July 28, 2008

Pencil Me In

New website alert!

Pencil Me In Cosmetics offers eye liner pencils in just about any color you can imagine! I counted 44 colors available...but there might be more.

Anyhoo, these look like decent little pencils, they come in all colors, and they include their own sharpener - what a deal!

In addition, the company is running a special right now: buy 2 pencils, get 1 free, buy 4 pencils, get two free. Hold on, busting out math skills right now...this reduces the price to $4.66 a pencil!!

Another great thing is that this is a GREEN product! These pencils have vitamins and antioxidants in them - which, if I'm being honest, I don't REALLY understand the need for in an eye pencil, but overall, isn't green always a good idea?

I think it sounds fun - I'm going to try a few! Their website and promotion are slightly tricky to navigate, so I will add instructions below.

1. Visit Pencil Me In Cosmetics
2. Select Retail Catalog at the top bar on the right
3. Ooh and aaah at all the pretty colors
4. Select the pencils you want (just the 2, 4, 6, whatever - free one comes later!)
5. Click to check out
6. On the check out page, there are two lines of purple writing towards the bottom. Click "Click here if you have a retail free offer source code" - this is the top line
7. A windows box will open - enter "internet" as both source code and password
8. This should direct you to another screen of pencils, where you select your free one and continue on to check out!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a few things to look into...

Immediately after I posted last night, I found a few things on other blogs that I just had to include:

  1. Sephora's The Lash Stash - some of the best mascaras that Sephora has to offer - all in a deluxe sample kit. $28 while supplies last.

  2. Jessicurl Microhaircap - with microwaveable gel pads to use for deep conditioning. $20

  3. ***Tarte Cosmetics Friends and Family Discount*** - 40% off your entire purchase, now through July 27th. Code: FF08 - try a cheek stain in your favorite color, dual ended glosses, or their tinted moisturizer, Smooth Operator.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Incredible PEDible Egg

So...I'm sure I'm not the only one who's heard of the Ped Egg.

I may, however, be the only one who purchased one.

In fact, I ran right out as soon as I heard they were offered at the drugstore.

Verdict? AWESOME!

Feet in the summer are gross, let's not lie. Flip flops are not our friends when it comes to callousness, softness, and having feet free from scaly white dry patches. Right? Right.

Ped Egg is very easy to use, works well, and even comes with little emery board stickers to place on the bottom of the egg for further smoothness. All for only $9.99 at your local CVS or Walgreens. Our Walgreens even had a more heavy duty one for men (or women with really nasty feet). And it's black so you feel EXTRA manly!

And now, because I looooooooove lists:

  • It works - this is key - it sanded down not only really rough spots, but also just the general overall nastiness that comes with summer feet
  • Cheaper than a pedicure - and also more hygienic - and possibly more effective (still TBD)
  • Cute and fun to look at - this is important in a beauty treatment!


  • Despite what the infomercial shows you, the little egg casing does not catch all the sanded off foot gunk. However, it does turn into sort of a fine dust, so it's not as gross as, say, cutting your toenails and letting them fly everywhere. I am a semi neat freak, and I didn't think it was a big deal at all - about like giving your fingernails a good filing.
  • That was really it.

So, if your flip flop concerns are not so much hammer toes, but more callouses and weathered looking feet - try the Ped Egg - hokey commercial, yes, but quality product.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just say NO to bunions and hammertoes!

Lately, I've been reading a lot of press about the "dangers of flip flops." Being a flop lover myself, I am of course intrigued. Apparently, aside from the dangers of having the majority of your foot exposed (to sun, falling objects, stubbed toes, etc), there is an increased risk of hammer toes associated with gripping thong sandals. This also causes you to walk differently, which can lead to back pain, sore joints, etc - but for now, we'll worry about the cosmetic side.

I still love my flip flops - so what's the solution? I really don't want ugly feet!

Enter YogaToes - yes, go ahead, get a good chuckle. However, I bought these little beauties about a year ago, and when my dogs are barking, they truly offer relief.

Are they weird looking? Definitely
Do they feel strange? Most assuredly
But do they work? I'm a believer!

Truthfully, when I first put them on, they hurt. Not super "I can't take this" pain - but about how I felt the first time I took Yoga: "Oh crap! Those are muscles that needed to be stretched!"

I wear them when reading in bed, laid up on the couch watching TV, in the bath tub (a VERY good place), or sometimes when I'm studying. The website focuses a lot on the hammertoes and crooked big toes (where it bends over towards the rest of the toes), but I have also found they relieve pain in my arches and just general aches in my feet.

So, if you have discomfort in your daily shoes (flips flops or no), or if your toes and feet are starting to look a little gnarly - get your body the easiest and most effective workout you can do while still sitting on the couch and eating ice cream - Yoga Toes.

I'm going to go put mine on right now :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scent By Me

SO sorry for the long delay! I have been on vacation and starting clinical rotations.

I read about this on another blog, but it sounded REALLY cool - Scent By Me

The best way to describe it is Netflix for perfumes. You go, select two perfumes a month, pay the $9.95 shipping and handling fee, and in return, you get small bottles of the perfume. Now, these are not those little tiny samples that come on the cards. These are decent sized samples, from what they explain. And if you find something you like, the website will help you find the cheapest place to buy them on the internet!

For those of you who have trouble finding a scent you really like, and maybe even want to give one a test run before you buy a decent sized bottle, this may be the fix! Give it a try. I would, but seeing as how I'm going to be in the faces of patients for the next (FOREVER) little while, I don't think I can run around purposefully wearing perfume. Plus, let's not discount the 10 bottles already on my vanity. Which I love. But rarely wear. For no reason that I can explain.