Sunday, November 2, 2008

Online Eye Makeup Tutorials

I was searching for some fun ideas for Halloween makeup, and stumbled across this young woman, who posts on YouTube.

She does eye makeup tutorials online, talking about products she likes, how to get certain colors, and she's also pretty funny - making the videos entertaining. She's from the UK, and she's gained quite a cult following doing these videos out of her home - it even supports she and her son.

Point is, she has almost 200 videos posted so far, and they range from the neutral to the highly exotic. She has posted some specific makeup copies - Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, the women from Sex and the City - but she also has some very creative styles of her own.

So go watch a few - they're all right at 10 minutes, not a big committment.

As Lauren says at the end of videos, Zoom zoom!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sephora Beauty Insiders!!! DEAL ALERT!!

For anyone who has a Sephora Beauty Insider account (these are free - go to your local Sephora and sign up if you want this) - Sephora is offering a nice discount!

Enter code JZD55MXH at checkout to receive $15 off of a $35 or more purchase! Sephora is also offering free shipping and samples with your order, so this is a FABULOUS opportunity!!!

Alright, math time - if you spend $35, this amounts to a 42% discount - CRAZY!!!

Many of the brands Sephora offers are selling Christmas gift sets - including Benefit, Urban Decay, Philosophy, and many, many others. Start shopping!!!

Let me know if you need any help ;-) Offer ends Oct 31st - and obviously applies to online shopping.

Thanks to Jen at Mythbuster Beauty for passing along such an incredible deal! Please check out her site, she always checks out fun stuff!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sexual Healing - for hair?

Now, this post is going to lead you to believe that I am COMPLETELY INSANE.

But bear with me.

As I was perusing some hair product forums today, I came across one lady's "recipe" for her curly hair. She's yada yada yada-ing, using all the forums acronyms and abbreviations for products, and she mentions how one step is to apply "KY" to her hair.

In my mind, I'm thinking, KY...wonder what that's an abbreviation for? Meanwhile, the 14 year old in my head snickered a little at how it sounded like sex lube.

SO I did a little digging. And folks, THEY ARE SERIOUS.

SEX LUBE. For your hair!

I was incredulous! Who in their right mind would do this? And who is the sicko who discovered it?

As it turns out, generic KY is a cheaper alternative to a much-loved anti-frizz product used by people with all types of hair - basically anyone who tends to get frizz or not as much control as they'd like. And it is WIDELY popular.

Well, always willing to try something new, I had to check it out. I obtained some generic KY, washed my hair, and applied it before my regular hair products. Side story: I bought a new mousse a few weeks back that gives me frizz I am not fond of, so I was eager to see the difference.

As much as it pains me to admit, the stuff really worked. My frizz was significantly reduced (esp. considering it was the second time I washed my hair today!), and my hair looked glossy and shiny. There was absolutely NO feeling of lube in my hair, it felt exactly the same as it does with nothing in it (I applied it when my hair was wet). Except maybe my hair feels nicer. Definitely not sticky or anything.

So, if you have issues with frizz, whether you are curly, straight, whatever, this may be something to try. I personally used the "jelly" version, which is lighter and more water based - but of course there are the more serum-like types that may work for you. Generic is good because it is cheap. And for the science nerds out there - the reason this works is because it is high in glycerin, which is a humectant, and draws moisture from the air into your hair. Gooooooooo science!

Sex lube for hair - who would have guessed?

Venture forth, brave souls!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just received a code today for 20% of your purchase at Benefit cosmetics!

This is wonderful news because not only does Benefit have great products (some of which I discussed in my last post), but they also have come out with some cute new gift sets for Christmas!

You should definitely go check the gift sets out, but also take a gander at the Buh Buys - which have great deals on some cream shadows, makeup brushes, and a few other fun products!

Benefit has also just introduced a new mascara color - BadGal Plum - guaranteed to accentuate your eye color. Plum, as I mentioned before, is so hot right now (as Mugatu would say...). Fun for a try!

You'll really just have to go check it out. I'll give you recommendations if you really need them, or you can check my Benefit label to see what I've liked and not liked.

The code is BENEBABE. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Update!

Hooray for fall - my most FAVORITE season of the year!

Well, I still haven't made it to our Ulta is a little bit of a haul, and with gas prices being what they are, and my bank balance being what it ISN'T, well, I just haven't made it.

I did get to visit one last week in Nashville, and that was a welcome surprise, as it was an Ulta almost as big and nice as a Sephora. VERY exciting. While there, I purchased a few fun items:

1) Bed Head's Foxy Curls line - I bought the mousse and spray. They are GREAT! I love anything from the Bed Head/Catwalk line, but these two items are especially great for anyone with curly hair that happens to be FINE instead of coarse like most curly gals. That plus my new, much darker hair color actually have me out of bed and doing my hair every morning!

2) Two versions of Ulta brand conditioner - I bought the color specific and the moisturizing. They were FOUR DOLLARS (they were having a sale). Seriously. This is cheap for conditioner that is more like a designer brand. Excellent. More later on the color specific - we'll see if I fade back to brassy, formerly blonde-now-blah brunette again...let's hope not!

3) Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Rose Elastique - I love Bourjois eye shadow. It really coats well, stays on nicely, and has just enough shimmer so you don't look like a "working girl," but enough so that you get a nice accent. In the week and a half since I purchased, I've probably worn it 7 times, which in my repetoir is pretty dang good. HIGHLY recommend anything from their eye shadow line.

I also picked up some odds and ends from their clearance bins - all great deals, all GREAT makeup - Ulta brand products really seem to be proving themselves.

Now, as for fall trends - I've been meaning to do this for a while, but seeing as how in TN, it just got colder, I don't think I'm too far behind. Here are some of the fun new trends for fall:

1) Grey/silver eye - This is an excellent excuse to try out some of the shadows I RAVE about - Bourjois, Urban Decay, even L'Oreal's HIP line. A nice, subtle grey eye, especially with a hint of purple, is HUGE this year. Don't think smoky eye as much as a nice subtle, almost neutral tone. My personal favorite? Benefit's new creamshadow in Gossip. Now, this is a bit more purple than grey, and the reason I like it is because, for some reason UNKNOWN to me or anyone at Clinique who has ever done my makeup (seriously, they try this every time, even when I warn them), grey eyeshadow just does not work for me. Looks horrible, washes out my skin and eyes, just not a good match, me and grey. LOVELY on every other human being on the planet. But I digress... Point is, even if grey isn't your color, there are options, GLORIOUS OPTIONS! Benefit's cream shadows go on so nicely, really blend well, and are honestly the best cream shadow I've tried. I pair this over the color Honey Bunny (which does not seem to be on the website, but is a nude with a slight pink tone), and I love it. Incidently, this is also a perfect "first makeup" pair for a teenage girl - just enough color to look like something, but not so much they can take it too far. And if you are more into grey, Benefit's Skinny Jeans is also killer. Go try them!

2) Darker lips - This is sometimes a hard transition for people. Grey eye, sure, we've all been there. But for those who never wear lipstick, these deeper, plum-ier tones are hard to deal with. I'm with you. With pale skin, I tend to get the goth look going mighty fast. However, it can be eased into, with relatively no problem at all. I direct you ONCE AGAIN to Clinique's Black Honey Almost lipstick. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, please do. I really have yet to meet someone it looks bad on (maybe not your taste, but never bad...), and it is a perfect way to check out this fall trend. Other tops on my list are Clinique's Butter Shine Lipstick in Crushed Grape (looks way more scary online than it really is), and if you are REALLY not brave, Bath and Body Works has a new line of C.O. Bigelow Mint Lip Glosses with tint in them - you can get Plum, Violet, Nude, all sorts of colors. They're much more like a plain lip gloss, so you can be "safe." I've been keeping my Black Honey on hand in my purse - SO FUN! Just don't forget to tone down the eyes a bit if you're going all out on lips. No need to look like last night's drag show.

3) Tight lining - Now THIS is amazing. I had heard about it on a few blogs, and then had my makeup done at Laura Mercier recently (amazing products, by the way), and the guy doing my makeup tight lined my eyes. It looked so natural, yet added so much to my eyes. I really can't explain it. It's hard to get right at first, but when you do - whoa mama! It looks so pretty, and is great if you need the definition that black liner gives you, but aren't really into black liner, or want to wear another color (grey? purple? GREEN?). Instructional video here. It should also be noted that this can be done with a well sharpened, soft (think kohl) pencil. It make take you a few tries, but I promise, when you get it, it's worth it!

Other trends for fall are: thicker brows, nude cheeks (probably to offset the grey eyes and dark lips - remember, this is NUDE, not BARE), and purple anything and everything, including mascara.

Go play! Hooray for fall!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Be Still My Heart!

ULTA has opened a store in Kingsport!


Review to follow -as soon as I get a break to get out there...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

20% Off Sale at!

ULTA - the fabulous hair care and cosmetics store - it having a big sale this week!

20% off almost anything you purchase (some exclusions apply) - and since they offer free shipping over $50, this is not a bad deal! You can pick out $62.50 worth of products and only pay $50 flat for it! Use coupon codes: 95761 OR 95848

If you're not familiar with ULTA, I suggest you head over to their site and browse around. They have quite a few of the brands Sephora carries, with additional drugstore brands like CoverGirl, Loreal, all that. They also offer a wide array of hair care products, so some of those hard to find brands can be located there. A complete list of their brands can be found here.

Now, about the exclusions - this is a little tricky. MANY of the items say "Excluded from Coupon," when in fact this is not the case. Bourjois Cosmetics is a prime example. Some, however, really mean it. My advice is to add one thing to your cart, put in the code, then you can go ahead and add others and see what they discount. I can go ahead and tell you that Frederic Fekkai does not discount. Sad face.

So go play on ULTA's website. I think you'll have fun there. And at 20% off, your "fun" can be a little cheaper! Hooray!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Stuff at Origins

Origins is running a little freebie this week - go in and listen to them pump products for 5 minutes (any saavy Clinique customer can handle this!) and walk away with samples of one of three of their skin lines.

Options available include:
1. A Perfect World - this is the skincare line for just about everyone, and the one I got. It included A Perfect World Deep Cleanser, Liquid Moisture, Antioxidant Moisturizer, and Body Cream. The smell is awesomely clean and natural smelling - like white tea. I used the cleanser, liquid moisture, and moisturizer tonight, and really enjoyed how light and clean my skin feels.

2. Origins Organics - this is for the hardcore vegan/organicophites. These products are all organic, USDA approved (like steak?). I don't care for overly organic. To me, I feel like I need a little chemical or I might as well use dirt to wash my face. CALL ME CRAZY. Anyhoo - in this set is a foaming face wash, a purifying tonic, a nourishing face lotion, and a silkening body spritz.

3. Dr. Andrew Weil for Organics - Sorry this set isn't showing up online. They DID have it at the Chattanooga store, so it's still available. This line is for people with "problem" skin - it solves all problems from dryness, sensitivity, redness, acne, etc etc etc....miracle product. I believe it includes the Plantidote - Mega Mushroom line - cleanser, face cream, toner, and body lotion. So for all with sensitive skin (or those who are Mario Bros fans!) - go for the 'shrooms.

Anyway, fun little freebie where you can check out a whole new skin care line, good until 9/3/08. Priced out for the full size products of what I bought, I'd spend around $75 for that line (not including body lotion, because, please). Not terrible, and probably what I've spent in the past. We'll see if I wake up with hives in the morning ;-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Lately, I've been unimpressed with my mascara. Maybe it's because I'm bored with my makeup in general, despite my having such an arsenal that I've put myself on a makeup diet. No unnecessary makeup unless I REALLY need a fix. Well, I decided that "dissatisfaction with mascara options" was clearly an emergency in need of reparations.

Now, I had previously been happy with my Dior Show Mascara, but at $28 a tube, I just really can't justify its not being 100% perfect. Plus, it has a little bit of a clumping issue. So I went back to my old standby, Maybelline Define-a-Lash. And it was ok. But after the awesome lash plumping goodness of Dior Show, I couldn't go back to wimpy lashes. So I'm torn - Maybelline: cheaper, with the cool synthetic brush, or Dior: more expensive, but with the added ability of getting me to 2pm still looking like I'm wearing mascara.

So after much contemplation, soul searching, and walking past it on my twice-weekly Target treks, I decided to buy the Colossal Volume Express mascara. Now this is only day 2, but already I am WAY IMPRESSED. I have now achieved nice, full lashes with a nice, cheap price and a synthetic brush! HOORAY!

My only gripe is that the tube is kinda large - I guess to go along with the Colossal name. But eh.

Give it a try - $5.99 at Target. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After a long hiatus...

I present - Sales and new products!!

1) Hard Candy Cosmetics is selling everything on their website for 75% off! That amounts to eyeshadows for $3.12. Quite a steal! They have a very cutesy style - kind of teeny-bopper, but still good quality product.
2) Urban Decay is having their 900th Friends and Family discount this year - 30% off with the code FFL30 - good from 8/21 to 8/28. They have just introduced a new line of lipsticks, have a great new(ish) demattifying powder, and of course their eyeshadows, eye primer, and 24/7 pencils (now in lips too!) are always a great choice!

3) Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub - I just bought this a few weeks ago, and I really love it! Not only is is Neutrogena (plus), it's a good solid scrub that clears your skin without making it red and irritated. PLUS, it smells like grapefruit - a nice clean citrus that is perfect for morning wake up!

4) Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation - I just saw this for the first time at Target last night. After a little research, I have found that most women who love Olay products prefer the older Total Effects line to the new Regernist or Definity lines. This is Olay's same Total Effects daily treatment, but with a hint of foundation, which I presume is much like a tinted moisturizer. It looks very intriguing, I must say, and includes UV protection with SPF 15 (although the packaging doesn't say this - I found it online). Definitely try it out if you are an Olay fan - I didn't buy it because a) I love me some Neutrogena Healthy Skin, and b) it was $17.99, and my bank account is running on fumes. Perhaps soon, though.

5) Sundae Afternoon Body Scrub - I received this as a gift for volunteering at the American Cancer Society Beach Ball this weekend. It's a cutely packaged sugar scrub, made up to look similar to a pint of Ben and Jerry's. The flavor I got was Coconutty Lime Sherbet, and I tried it last night for the first time. First, let me start by saying that I am not a huge scrub user. Yes, I find them intriguing and want to buy them, but usually they just collect dust because I can't be bothered, or they're too scrubby for my skin. NOT SO in this case - this is a scrub I will use! Sadly, I cannot find a picture of it on their website, but I believe it is on clearance at the store now, originally priced $24.95, but now half off. Enjoy!

That's probably enough for now...I'll come up with a few more later!

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pencil Me In

New website alert!

Pencil Me In Cosmetics offers eye liner pencils in just about any color you can imagine! I counted 44 colors available...but there might be more.

Anyhoo, these look like decent little pencils, they come in all colors, and they include their own sharpener - what a deal!

In addition, the company is running a special right now: buy 2 pencils, get 1 free, buy 4 pencils, get two free. Hold on, busting out math skills right now...this reduces the price to $4.66 a pencil!!

Another great thing is that this is a GREEN product! These pencils have vitamins and antioxidants in them - which, if I'm being honest, I don't REALLY understand the need for in an eye pencil, but overall, isn't green always a good idea?

I think it sounds fun - I'm going to try a few! Their website and promotion are slightly tricky to navigate, so I will add instructions below.

1. Visit Pencil Me In Cosmetics
2. Select Retail Catalog at the top bar on the right
3. Ooh and aaah at all the pretty colors
4. Select the pencils you want (just the 2, 4, 6, whatever - free one comes later!)
5. Click to check out
6. On the check out page, there are two lines of purple writing towards the bottom. Click "Click here if you have a retail free offer source code" - this is the top line
7. A windows box will open - enter "internet" as both source code and password
8. This should direct you to another screen of pencils, where you select your free one and continue on to check out!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a few things to look into...

Immediately after I posted last night, I found a few things on other blogs that I just had to include:

  1. Sephora's The Lash Stash - some of the best mascaras that Sephora has to offer - all in a deluxe sample kit. $28 while supplies last.

  2. Jessicurl Microhaircap - with microwaveable gel pads to use for deep conditioning. $20

  3. ***Tarte Cosmetics Friends and Family Discount*** - 40% off your entire purchase, now through July 27th. Code: FF08 - try a cheek stain in your favorite color, dual ended glosses, or their tinted moisturizer, Smooth Operator.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Incredible PEDible Egg

So...I'm sure I'm not the only one who's heard of the Ped Egg.

I may, however, be the only one who purchased one.

In fact, I ran right out as soon as I heard they were offered at the drugstore.

Verdict? AWESOME!

Feet in the summer are gross, let's not lie. Flip flops are not our friends when it comes to callousness, softness, and having feet free from scaly white dry patches. Right? Right.

Ped Egg is very easy to use, works well, and even comes with little emery board stickers to place on the bottom of the egg for further smoothness. All for only $9.99 at your local CVS or Walgreens. Our Walgreens even had a more heavy duty one for men (or women with really nasty feet). And it's black so you feel EXTRA manly!

And now, because I looooooooove lists:

  • It works - this is key - it sanded down not only really rough spots, but also just the general overall nastiness that comes with summer feet
  • Cheaper than a pedicure - and also more hygienic - and possibly more effective (still TBD)
  • Cute and fun to look at - this is important in a beauty treatment!


  • Despite what the infomercial shows you, the little egg casing does not catch all the sanded off foot gunk. However, it does turn into sort of a fine dust, so it's not as gross as, say, cutting your toenails and letting them fly everywhere. I am a semi neat freak, and I didn't think it was a big deal at all - about like giving your fingernails a good filing.
  • That was really it.

So, if your flip flop concerns are not so much hammer toes, but more callouses and weathered looking feet - try the Ped Egg - hokey commercial, yes, but quality product.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just say NO to bunions and hammertoes!

Lately, I've been reading a lot of press about the "dangers of flip flops." Being a flop lover myself, I am of course intrigued. Apparently, aside from the dangers of having the majority of your foot exposed (to sun, falling objects, stubbed toes, etc), there is an increased risk of hammer toes associated with gripping thong sandals. This also causes you to walk differently, which can lead to back pain, sore joints, etc - but for now, we'll worry about the cosmetic side.

I still love my flip flops - so what's the solution? I really don't want ugly feet!

Enter YogaToes - yes, go ahead, get a good chuckle. However, I bought these little beauties about a year ago, and when my dogs are barking, they truly offer relief.

Are they weird looking? Definitely
Do they feel strange? Most assuredly
But do they work? I'm a believer!

Truthfully, when I first put them on, they hurt. Not super "I can't take this" pain - but about how I felt the first time I took Yoga: "Oh crap! Those are muscles that needed to be stretched!"

I wear them when reading in bed, laid up on the couch watching TV, in the bath tub (a VERY good place), or sometimes when I'm studying. The website focuses a lot on the hammertoes and crooked big toes (where it bends over towards the rest of the toes), but I have also found they relieve pain in my arches and just general aches in my feet.

So, if you have discomfort in your daily shoes (flips flops or no), or if your toes and feet are starting to look a little gnarly - get your body the easiest and most effective workout you can do while still sitting on the couch and eating ice cream - Yoga Toes.

I'm going to go put mine on right now :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scent By Me

SO sorry for the long delay! I have been on vacation and starting clinical rotations.

I read about this on another blog, but it sounded REALLY cool - Scent By Me

The best way to describe it is Netflix for perfumes. You go, select two perfumes a month, pay the $9.95 shipping and handling fee, and in return, you get small bottles of the perfume. Now, these are not those little tiny samples that come on the cards. These are decent sized samples, from what they explain. And if you find something you like, the website will help you find the cheapest place to buy them on the internet!

For those of you who have trouble finding a scent you really like, and maybe even want to give one a test run before you buy a decent sized bottle, this may be the fix! Give it a try. I would, but seeing as how I'm going to be in the faces of patients for the next (FOREVER) little while, I don't think I can run around purposefully wearing perfume. Plus, let's not discount the 10 bottles already on my vanity. Which I love. But rarely wear. For no reason that I can explain.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big "W" and other things...

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the proper way to apply bronzer. I'm not sure that it will ever be settled - all over the face, just where the sun hits, more like blush? Who knows?

Well, apparently the editors of People's Summer Style Edition do. I only read People when I fly on planes, or if someone randomly brings one within 10 feet of me. It's a guilty pleasure, and because it's expensive (and less satisfying than makeup) I manage to avoid it. But the Style issue I could NOT pass up.

Apparently, bronzer should be applied in a large "W" on your face - accenting your cheekbones, then up and arching over the bridge of your nose. I have been trying this the past few days (I'm normally an all over glow kinda gal), and it's actually quite pretty. A different look than I'm used to (what can I say, pale girls like to pretend!), but I think I'll keep it in the arsenal.

On a completely unrelated note - Neutrogena has come out with a new online skin profiling system called SkinID. It's to diagnose your specific acne problems and get your own personalized kit designed for your skin. It's definitely the most in-depth skin analysis I've ever done. I won't be ordering it, because I know the reason my skin breaks out: STRESS and touching my face while I'm studying. Does NOT take a rocket scientist (or an online profile). However, I think it's a neat idea, especially if you or someone you know deals with acne. It gets pretty specific.

Finally, a plug for my recently re-discovered favorite lip gloss: Her Glossiness by Benefit. I love Benefit, it's a great company with awesome packaging and marketing. I own almost every product they have. I got a freebie sample of Her Glossiness in Life on the A List (a pale pink) a while ago, and it really is one of the best wearing, best consistency glosses I've ever tried. I truly enjoy it, and find myself savoring that eensy weensy tube, trying to make it last. Although, at $16 for a fairly decent sized tube, I don't know what my issue is. I haven't tried any of the darker colors, but if I were suggesting, I'd REALLY say go for this color. I love how easy it is, how full it makes my lips, and if you want more color, try a stain or pencil underneath it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hair fun!

Sorry for the hiatus - I've been in Denver visiting Roomie and her beautiful children. It was a great week and I'm well rested - much better for the lines in my face than studying!

A few fun things happened while I was there:

1. I got to try Catwalk's Oatmeal and Honey Conditioner - I've been dying to try this stuff, because I adore Catwalk products and because the flavor smells SO yummy. Roomie had some in her guest shower, so I gave it a try. It's very thick, the smell is delicious, and my hair responded really well. It's formulated for damaged hair, but I think it would work for just about anyone, except maybe those with really fine hair - it could be too heavy. And, as luck would have it, a salon in the mall had the 1L size 60% off today! Lucky me! I bought a pump to make it extra convenient. I can't wait to try it!

2. I got to go to Ulta for the first time - I'd been hearing all about their fun beauty products, especially that, unlike Sephora, they have a large hair care section. On my list of products to try was Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream. Beauty mavens all over the web have raved about this product - and I must say, they weren't lying! I have yet to try it with my hair curly, but when it's straight, it makes my hair SO shiny and smooth, it's really unbelievable. Also, now that I am back to a deep brunette again, the extra shine really gives an extra kick! I think it would make a great product for those who have straight hair and don't necessarily NEED product, but could use a little extra shine and sleekness. Also, it makes my hair really soft. Good stuff. Slightly high on the price tag (ranges from $9 for travel size to $26.50 for 7oz) - but they recommend using just a pea size amount, so it should last forever. I think it's going to be one of my new favorite products.

3. This wasn't in Denver, but I read about it on the plane back, so it counts. Sunsilk, who, admittedly, really doesn't produce all that great of hair care products (but they'll do for the price), has come out with a summer line called Waves of Envy. One of those to give you that wave that looks like you've been in/at the ocean all day. They have a shampoo, conditioner, glossing cream and spray. I bought the spray at $2.83 - a steal even if it only half works. I tried it last night to get that tousled look (my hair had been straight), and I was pretty satisfied - I think it would work better if I tried it on my hair when it's curly, or if someone with straight hair did it - because anything moisturizing wants to make my hair curly again. However, I think it will be fun for the beach next week! Definitely worth the $3 if you want a fun summer look!

Sunsilk is also offering free samples, but honestly, for $3 - who wants to wait 10-12 weeks???

Finally, I learned a cool tip that might be useful with either the Glossing Cream or the Waves of Envy. A website was promoting how to put wave in your hair, and their recommendation was to apply the product, then take sections of your hair, twist them, and hold them (loose or tight - depends on how you want your wave) while you dry them with the blow dryer - presto! Waves! The cream should eliminate most of the frizz. I even tried it on my hair straight out of the shower - and while it made me more ringlets than waves (shocker...), it definitely make a different look!

Happy Summer Hair-ing!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Spring and Summer's new hot eyeshadow color is YELLOW!

No, not gold. Not slightly yellow ivory. Serious, tried and true, yellow.

I'll admit, I was a skeptic. Well, a skeptic who doubted yet immediately went out to search for yellow shadow. It's hard to come by, unless you're traveling to Sephora. But I managed to luck out with L'Oreal's HIP Shadow Duo in Flamboyant. Now, quit rolling your eyes...I know I am prone to loving bright color, but believe me, yellow - it's awesome. Allow me to digress.

I look AWFUL in yellow. I really can't wear it at all. There are a few rare shades that are acceptable on me, but for the most part, No one ever believes me. I've had numerous encounters in stores where I remark, "This is cute, but yellow. I'll look sick." To which my friends reply, No!! You'll be cute! And then I hold it up to my face, and they politely say, "oh."

Plus, I hate LSU.

As you can imagine I had no hopes for yellow eyeshadow. But when I put it on...oh, the beauty!!! SO lovely, and the purple shade with it (which is matte) is a great blender. And I received a ton of compliments on it! It's different, to be sure, but it can be toned down, adapted, anything. LOVELY!

So, here's my suggestion - give yellow a try. This week, the HIP set I got is $5 at Target and buy 1 get 1 50% off at CVS. In addition, Cover Girl has just released a new line of colorful eyeshadow trios and singles that may LOOK scary, but are actually great. They have a single shadow in a nice rich yellow that probably retails for about $4. And you could mix it with something less scary, like a brown, just to dip your toes in the water.

Final points to win you over:
  • Consider a color wheel. I'm sure we all remember learning about them in art class. Complimentary colors are the ones opposite on the color wheel. Well, for all of you Blue-Eyed Beauties - notice how yellow lies opposite purple on the wheel? Yellow will bring out a lovely shade in your blue eyes (much like gold can).
  • Brown-Eyed Girls - If you look carefully at your gorgeous eyes, you'll probably notice flecks of green, yellow, gold, etc in your eyes - wearing these colors as shadows can help pull them out and give your eyes a really unique look.
  • It's cheap. At least I gave a drugstore deal option this time
  • I'm not lying when I say this is the hot new color - this outfit got Emmy Rossum all sorts of press - because she wore yellow shadow with it as well - and she looks GORGEOUS!

Go out, be brave. It's worth it.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everyone wants in...

Bath and Body Works has released a line of gradual self-tanners. Our store had them on sale for $4, so who was I to resist such a deal?

  1. These come in 7 scents (3 from the Breathe line and 4 from the Signature line) - I picked up Sea Island Cotton because it smelled the freshest, but it was a tough call between that and Cherry Blossom. The perk? They smell NOTHING like tanner!
  2. They include a subtle shimmer in them - like nice light-reflecting, not like "I'm 14 and I just dumped glitter on myself" - you know I hate obvious sparkle.
  3. It works!


  1. It works - slooooooooowly. I was going to do it on one leg for 3 days and show you, and while I can SEE a difference, it did not show up on the picture. So gradual is the operative word. Might work better for paler people or those who are not so DEMANDING as I. ***EDIT: Chris could tell last night (without prompting) that one leg was darker - so I guess that means it works. Especially since I think I accidentally put it on both legs one of those days...whatever. Details.***
  2. It has no indicator color - so there is a risk of streaks, but because it's so gradual, I sincerely doubt this is an issue.
  3. When it goes off sale at B&BW, it will be $14.50 - it is NOT worth this. It is, however, worth $4. It's a decent sized bottle, and it could be a maintenence tanner for between Jergens Express or something.

Happy Shopping!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick ideas for fun in the sun!

I'm not going to waste time lecturing about sun exposure. Most everyone who reads this knows me, knows I am pale (mostly by choice), wear SPF every day (on face and body), and wear hats whenever I'm outside for long periods of time. I believe sun makes you wrinkly. I don't want to be wrinkly. Anywhere.

However, as you can tell by my constant review of tanning products, I do love the color a tan gives you, so I totally understand why some people bake themselves into oblivion. The truth? I can't stand "laying out." I find it boring, always have. Pale is just easier. Plus there's that happy plus of maybe not getting skin cancer.

ANYWAY, off the soap box. Two new products have come across my radar, and I thought I'd share. I haven't tried either, but I plan to add them to the cache very soon - especially before I head to the beach!

1. Lubriderm Daily UV Moisturizer with SPF 15 - I know how much it sucks to wear sunscreen everyday. The smell alone is heinous. Lubriderm is pioneering into daily lotion with SPF, and I'm sure others will follow. Luckily, it does not smell like sunscreen, although it does smell like Lubriderm, which some are not fans of. It's not very expensive, maybe $7-8 for one of those big pump bottles. Much cheaper than sunscreen. And it's easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I think it would be a winning combo with a self tanner (tan at night, spf in the am - PERFECT!), and for $8 - isn't your skin worth it? Do you want to wake up at 50 with those weird wrinkles around your knees and sunspots on your hands?
(Note: If you want to wait OR just get a sample size, Lubriderm is offering a free sample by mail.)

2. Neutrogena Sunblock with Color Boosting Gradual Tan, SPF 30 - Now this is a killer idea - protect your skin while still getting a healthy glow. This product is definitely accompanying me to the beach. It comes in both light and dark (get the dark! Don't be a wuss!), and is a waterproof formula. The one drawback is that in order to get the color to work, you still have to apply it an hour before getting in the water (normal tanners are 3-5) - of course, normal sunscreens suggest waiting at least 30 minutes anyway - we just do it incorrectly. However, for a tan WITH SPF, I think it's a great idea! And besides, there are so many other summer activities that don't involve the water - gardening, playing with kids outside, hiking, biking...And here I am spending my summer indoors. At least I'm saving $$ on sunscreen! I saw this at Walmart for around $8-9.

So head out there, paleys, don't be afraid of the sun! Lots of new ideas are coming out DAILY to help us be more sun safe!! Let me know if you hear/try something I should look into...Happy (safe) Sunning!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Reason to love Urban Decay

I received UD's email newsletter yesterday, and it included a memorial to their "mascot," Marley. Marley was a black lab owned by one of the company's co-founders. After 14 years of working at UD, Marley passed away recently. If you search their website, you'll see many "Marley Approved" products - indicating they are vegan friendly. All of their products are cruelty-free, but those few are specifically without ANY animal products (I'm assuming things like gelatin, etc).

What is more impressive about this company is that they are a dog-friendly work environment. All employees who own dogs are encouraged to bring their animals to work, allowing the pets to socialize and not be left at home all day.

I would LOVE to work in a place like that!! Not realistic for my line of work, but a nice thought nonetheless.

So, just in case all my rantings about their makeup haven't sold you - the heart of UD should really win you over.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CVS Seasonal Clean Out

I dropped by CVS last night because they are having an amazing sale on Coke 12 packs (5 for $11!!!), and of course had to browse the makeup section, because I'm pretty sure I would have a seizure if I didn't.

Lucky for me, it was that glorious time of the year when CVS cleans out some of their makeup inventory by sending the magical Clearance Fairy around with 50% and 75% off stickers to randomly place on merchandise! Just the site of those brightly colored stickers gets me all excited! Occasionally, this sale leaves something to be desired, with only the super dark foundations, or truly heinous shades of lipstick left. NOT SO last night! I think every major brand had something that was 50-75% off, and it was good stuff. I managed to limit myself to only one eye shadow and a new foundation, but it was very difficult. My rule was to only buy at 75% off. That helped. I only spent $5 - for $20 worth of makeup! Covergirl had some great eye shadow colors half off, Maybelline had their Dream Matte Mousse Eye Shadows 50% off, and L'Oreal had various eye shadows, some stuff from their HIP line, and a few foundations available.

I bought one pale green matte eye shadow from L'Oreal, and a foundation they had, which I think I'm going to really like. It's their Visible Lift Extra Coverage makeup. Aside from the 75% off, I was also intrigued because this has Retinol in it, which is great for your skin, but also because it is a foundation (not a tinted moisturizer) with SPF 17! I tried it out this morning, and it's not heavy, goes on well, and blends really nicely with good coverage. For the product and how much you get, it's a decent price ($12.99 at my store - before the discount, obviously!), and a product I was pleased with. Check into it if you need a new foundation and like to take care of your skin!

P.S. Another bonus to this item is that it comes in REALLY pale shades. I bought maybe the third palest shade (which is unusual for me) - and the ones before me were very light. So that's good for the paleys!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Posietint is Here!

Benefit's Posietint is NOW AVAILABLE online!

Just in case anyone's as excited as me...

Buy it at Sephora or Benefit Cosmetics online. Enjoy!

EDIT: Go me! I went to Benefit to get my makeup done today (they were doing a birthday special - free lipstick and some samples in exchange for getting your makeup done!) - the girl who did my makeup (a Benefit EMPLOYEE) hadn't even heard of Posietint!! She's going home today to buy it! I'm so proud...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun and cheap hair product!

Recently, on one of my "it's been a good day, I want to buy something" trips through CVS, I picked up the Garnier Fructis Style Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray. I suppose it intrigued me because it was on sale, and therefore eligible under aforementioned rules. But additionally, my hair has been looking dull lately, and I felt the need to pep it a little.

Admittedly, I got this home and somewhat regretted it, thinking I was dumb for buying yet ANOTHER glossing spray for my curls. I've played this game before. However, today, as I was pepping up yesterday's style, I gave it a little spritz with the Glossing Spray - instantly light was bouncing off everywhere, and suddenly, my hair had a little more life! Thrills!

So if your constant coloring, general maintenence, or what-have-you has killed the pretty shine your hair should have, this is a great little product. It says it carries "strong hold" - no. All it does is gloss - but it does a good job of that! I like it especially for 2nd or 3rd day hair - after I spray my curls to get them revived, they start to resemble straw a little. This counters that. And the best part? It says right on the label that if you over-do with the glossiness (aka look like you need a shower), all you have to do is hit it again with the hair dryer and you're set!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Primed and Ready to Go!

I've been meaning to do a post about primers for a long time. I always talk about them, how I want more of them, how I covet certain ones, my love affair with Urban Decay's Priming Potion, all of that.

However, I'm not sure that, while singing primer's praises, I am fully expressing what primer does. Now, for those of you with any imagination, you can probably deduce that primer for your face works much like primer for your walls - put it on, it covers up imperfections and makes a smooth canvas with which to apply the war paint. Ahem. Makeup. There are also primers for your eyes and lips, which can be hit or miss, in my opinion.

Here's what I think, in bullet form:

  • Eye primers: This should be your first primer purchase. I believe that these, by far, are the most worthwhile of the primer family. Eye shadow not only stays on better (instead of disappearing midday), but it also makes the color richer and much more like the color it is in the box. This is great if you are into COLORS the way I am! The nice thing about them is that I have yet to try one that doesn't work. Yes, there are ones that are better than others, but for the most part...good news.

  • Face Primers: Here is where it gets squidgy. I personally find a HUGE swing in the difference between face primers. Face primer-dom is not a democracy - not all are created equal. There are ones with silicone base, ones that are more like makeup, I even have one that feels remarkably like the stuff I put on my hair...and they all produce different results for different skin types. The nice thing is that they come in formulas for dry, oily, acne prone, combination, and skin with color imperfections. There are ones that work harder to keep your makeup on, and ones that work harder to keep you from shining. The options are endless.

  • Lip Primers: This seems to be the newest trend in primers, as there are only 2-3 available in the Sephora collection. So far I find them to I don't have much to say. Maybe more when they hit box office.

  • Mascara Primers: These were the first primers that I remember - designed to plump up your eyeshadows, give them nutrients, all of that. Personally, I cannot seem to find one that doesn't make my eyes water continuously through the day, which is weird because a) I have tried a TON of mascara primers, and b) I am not allergic to ANY makeup. But if you have one you love, I'd love to hear about it.

So there's your lesson on primers. Now I'll do a semi-complete list of what I've tried and liked, to give you an idea of what I consider worth putting on my face.

  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion - You knew this was coming. It's fab. It's awesome. I love it. Sell plasma to buy this. I included a picture below (incidently of my Urban Decay Friends and Family purchase, the Skull Shadow Box), wherein I took the primer, covered the right side of my hand (relative to the picture), and then ran all the shadows across it with one sweep of a brush. Hopefully the difference is as obvious to you as it is to me! And, P.S., 30 minutes later, all the non-primer has been rubbed off in the typing/moving around and the rest is FIRMLY in place. A+

  2. Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer - This was the first primer I used once I knew what primer was, and I must say, it's a good one. Nice, tiny little bottle, squeeze out just a bit, and it smooths evenly on your lids. Definitely one of the top ones. I would put it at a dead even with Too Faced Second Base, which has a slight yellow tint, perfect for taking away the bruised look some people's eyelids have. But don't buy First Base - it's shimmery and not good as a primer. A-

  3. Clinique Touch Base - I consider this more of a cream shadow, but the girls at Clinique swear it's a base. Your call. Perhaps you could view it as a 2 in 1. B (for use as a primer)

  4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - These are some incredibly versatile primers. They are some of the most velvety smooth, wonderful feeling things ever. You'll want to put them on your hands. And not only that, they come in green (to minimize red tones), apricot (to conceal under eye circles, veins, and sunspots), and lavender (to minimize yellow undertones). In addition, they have SPF 15 primer, light primer (for oily skin), and a bronzing primer! They can be worn alone to de-shine or under foundation. I'm thoroughly tempted by the bronzing primer, and I love the silky feeling of the silicone. The only downside is the slightly higher price. Still, A is for awesome!

  5. Philosophy The Present - This is the one that feels like my hair cream. Sticky going on, but when it's blended in, it's weightless, so no worries. I like it, it works pretty well, and it's a LOT of primer for the price. My only real complaint is that you have to wait two full minutes for it to "dry" before applying makeup. Which is really not that big of a deal. B.

  6. Rimmel Fix and Perfect - YEAH! A drugstore deal! CVS is starting to carry Rimmel (joy!), and on their basically empty/brand new display, this was the lone wolf, calling to me from its perch - a $6.99 sales sticker. Now, considering it is tres difficile to buy a face primer for under $25, I HAD to explore. Looking in the tube, my first thought was, Holy Hell, this stuff is going to make me orange! I put it on my hand and thought the same thing (I never make it home from a makeup store without opening everything...). However, the next day when I applied it with my makeup, it was slightly orange when applying, but then it blended beautifully! If you want to try primer, but aren't ready for the high prices, try this, it's a great starter primer. B+ for results and price tag!

Not quite ready for prime time:

  1. Benefit's Dr. Feelgood - No. It doesn't go on well, it's a solid, which is weird. Sometimes it pills on your face...and I don't think it worked. Just no. F for fuggeddaboutit...

  2. Benefit's That Gal - Oh how I hate to hate on my Benefit products, but they are simply all thumbs when it comes to primers! That Gal has a nice sweet scent, and I did notice a very slight decrease in the appearance of my pores with it, but none of the other promises they made. I couldn't tell it was there. C, mostly because I liked the smell.

  3. DuWop Prime Venom - I've already gone into this. Buy lip balm. C-

Hopefully that was educational enough to inspire you to look into primer. Overall, it's very good for reducing the appearance of pores, keeping your makeup in place longer, smoothing the look of your skin, covering imperfections, and reducing shine. Good stuff. Not at all necessary, but totally addictive once you start.

Remember - the right side is the primer. And that side of my hand still looks funny. It's been an hour and I've washed my hands. GO PRIMER POTION!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clinique's Attracted to Color Event: May 15-25

I know...Clinique is not always so exciting on the makeup front. We've all been wearing it since we were 13.

HOWEVER, what they are exceptionally good at is giving away free stuff to draw you into their makeup counters. And that, friends, is what I'm here to talk about.

We all love a Clinique Bonus. Buy a small amount (remember when it used to be only $15???), get a useless bag with a bunch of other semi-useful stuff in it. Who doesn't love free crap? Certainly I do. But the downside to the bonus is having to BUY something. I don't always need Clinique stuff. I like to diversify my makeup portfolio - like any good investor.

Well, Clinique's Attracted to Color Event at Belk is one of the rare species of Clinique event (they only come around 1-2 times a year!) where all you have to do is let them make you up, and they give you freebies! Of course, you have to withstand the sales tactics, but they're usually not that hardcore about it anymore. They have caved, they know all we want is the free stuff. And if you are lucky enough (like me) to be from a very small town where you have the SAME Clinique rep do your makeup every time you're there, well, let's just say they get heavy handed with the freebies.

In this event, you make an appointment, get your face done, and you get a free sample of 2 Clinique Products - their Fresh Bloom Allover Color (your choice of 2 shades - one shown above), a cute springy blush with a three-toned flower, and a bottle of their Take the Day Off makeup remover for eyes and lips.

Not bad for having someone put makeup on you! All in a day's work, right?

The event goes from May 15-25th, but I believe they are booking appointments now. I checked online at, and I'm 90% sure this is a national event, so everyone has a chance to check this out!

Also, for those of you who have a Dillard's (at least around here), come June Clinique starts their Summer Coolers event - another freebie! After a consultation, you'll get a sample of their Super Defense Moisturizer with SPF 25, and a Superbalm Moisturizing Lip Gloss, your choice of two shades. From what I understand, this is set for the middle of June, so make sure you check that out!

P.S. For anyone wanting to post comments, simply click the place below the post that says, "0 Comments." This will take you to a separate site where you can read posted comments or post your own!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Be still my heart - Benefit's Posietint!

I love Benefit Cosmetics. I really love everything about them. They have amazing products, yes, but more importantly, they understand the true value of marketing and packaging. They understand the perfect way to make you absolutely desperate to get your hands on the brand new thing they're offering. Clever, clever people over there at Benefit.

Benefit was the first "upscale" cosmetics line I ever seriously bought products from, with the obvious exception of Clinique. I visited the Benefit counter at a mall in Atlanta about 8 years ago, where I was instantly sold on a bottle of their Benetint lip and cheek stain. It's this cute little bottle that looks like nail polish, and in it is a sweet rose-smelling stain that gives you a nice glow. I have been wearing it ever since! The only complaint ever uttered from my ruby-stained lips was that on the lips of a pale person, sometimes the red was just a little too...well, red.

And as though they heard my every prayer:

A new shade of Benetint - in lighter, springy-er pink! HOORAY! It's called Posietint, and as for now, it isn't quite available. YET. Apparently it will be widespread come June - so consider yourselves warned, be ready to go pick it up! I always get excited when Benefit comes out with a new product, but this one definitely takes the cake. It's bound to be great, and I'm sure people will be snatching it up all over the place.

So consider yourselves on the front end of the Beauty "What's Happening."

You're welcome.

P.S. Word on the street is I'm getting a larger fan base - nothing like your mom doing marketing for you! Feel free to post comments or ask any questions - I still have a TON of makeup that never gets written about here, and I'm always looking to try new things.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walgreens - be there or be square!

Walgreens is having some amazing sales on cosmetics this week. Everything Neutrogena is 20% off, which, by Walgreens prices, puts it about where it needs to be. What I was intrigued by was the whole Physicians Formula line being 40% off. I normally bypass this makeup, because I don't think they work hard enough at making the packaging fun. Anyone who believes in the "don't judge a book by its cover" has clearly never taken a marketing class or walked in a Sephora. Cover-judging is the only way to make some of life's important decisions. But I digress...

I was intrigued by these palates. They come with NINE shades, already divided into threes for optimal matching. Now, of course, I didn't actually buy the blue eye palate. I've got enough bronze to last me two lifetimes. I bought the green eye palate, because I needed some purples, and it looked like fun. Also, at 40%, it brought the whole palate down to $6, which is good for my budget! Physicians Formula also has a whole new line of organic makeup - so for all those natural beauties, you can get good makeup for discount prices!

In addition, all the Rimmel makeup was BOGO free! This was a great time to buy their $2.99 Soft Kohl eye pencils (remember my rant about Jungle Green?!?). I bought a black (staple) and a pretty lavender. Two eye pencils for $2.99 - SCORE!

Finally, I scoped out the cheaper side of Walgreens cosmetics. Walgreens is great because they showcase all these brands no one has ever heard of - and sometimes they really ARE awesome. Tonight, I tried a lip gloss by a brand called Jordanna. The gloss is one of those twist up brush on kinds, and it comes in all shades - each of which has a coordinating flavor. I wanted a clearish one, but that was Pina Colada, and I'd rather die than smell that under my nose...instead I opted for lighter pink with the flavor of pink grapefruit. These are GREAT glosses - enough color to look like something, but also sheer enough to pick pretty much whatever color/flavor combo you want. All for the low, low price of $1.99. STEAL! They also had eye liners, lip liners, all sorts of stuff, all for $1.99 or less! I limited myself to one product, though...I'm proud of that.

Moral of tonight's story is this: This is the week to get your makeup-loving booty into Walgreens - especially all of you out there who go for the cheaper side of cosmetics! I know not everyone's a Sephora lover like me, but even slumming can be fun, right? Pick up some new eye shadow (yellow is ALL THE RAGE this year!), a new lip gloss (orangey-pink, anyone?), or an awesome eye liner (try a fun color!). You can get a load of good stuff for less than $10. Beauty comes cheap this week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Chicken or the Egg?


Much as I'd like to take credit for this one, sadly, I cannot.

I do, however, find it suspicious that MY blog showed up before their website. But they probably get the benefit of the doubt, considering they have that whole "product line" thing going for them...

In all seriousness, though, if you are into natural and organic products, this is a great website. You can buy all SORTS of crazy stuff I've never heard of before. Enjoy!

On a totally unrelated note, I'm going to start labeling my posts not just for what they're about, but also by cosmetic line. It's more for my interest than anything else, but I want to see who I'm raving about the most.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, that was probably a little unnecessary. Whew. I'm calm now.


I'm kvelling. Honest. I squealed with excitement when I saw this.

So for anyone living under a ROCK (or not reading my blog. Ahem.) - I am borderline obsessed with all things Urban Decay. Ok, strike that. Mostly their eye makeup. I haven't really tried anything else (YET). But I am OBSESSED with their eye makeup. Matte shadow - AWESOME. Shimmery shadow - AWESOME. Deluxe Shadow - DELUXE AWESOME. And their eyeshadow primer is, as promised on every beauty blog on the web, the best I've ever used.

Which would explain the extreme (and normally saved for cheesecake and free money) excitement about their Friends and Family sale - 30% off their website. This is the perfect opportunity for some of you to take advantage of all the wonderful eye shadows I have been raving about (Lounge? Greeny red vomity goodness?) And at 30% off, they are almost at prices my friends will pay!!! Score! In all seriousness, though...they have real colors. Not just vomitous greeny red and that fab-o color Acid Rain I want so badly...

For me, it's a great time to try their 24/7 eye pencils, which I hear great things about and have been dying to try. And chances are, I will probably pick up a few extra eye shadows along the way...just for kicks.

OH! In all seriousness, though - they do have a set that samples some of their best work. The Best of Urban set includes an eye shadow (in a normal, non bodily fluid color), the truly wonderful eye shadow primer potion, a 24/7 eye pencil...and a glittery eye liner. But just ignore that, unless you spend your weekends at the roller rink...aaaaaand it's 1988. With discount, it's $22.40. For over $50 worth of UD eye stuff. This is all that good karma coming back to you. Promise.

So, to recap:
*Urban Decay Friends and Family sale 30% on
*Urban Decay eye shadows rock the house (also the primer potion)
I think that's all.

And now I must go sell my body on the street for makeup money. Toodles!

EDIT: In rereading my manic blog, I realized that my excitement led me to leave out a lot of pertinent information. For starters, the coupon code for this fabulous deal: FFA30. Additionally, I neglected to mention that the sale goes until 4/30, leaving everyone ample time to explore what they'd like to purchase. And, sadly enough, after looking at monthly budgets, it appears I will not be purchasing this time around. But I probably should just have fun with what I've got, right?

Springtime nails!

I know, hide your shock. I never talk about nails! Why is this? Probably because I was born without them. Instead, I was granted these weak, rice paper consistency, oddly shaped things on the ends of my fingers. They've rarely resembled nails, so why call them that? Now, my toenails? Strong like bull. But my weenie nails...well, they just disappoint. They have yet to ever grow fully past the end of my finger, and when they do, they ultimately break off. Sadness.

However, in the past month, I have begun taking Biotin supplements, which are one of the many herbal supplements out there to help hair and nails. Now, I'm not sure they're working to a "fabulous" degree, but I will say that my fingernails have moved up to at least the consistency of weak cardstock, which is a vast improvement over rice paper!

Because my nails never look pretty or long, I subsequently do not a) paint them or b) get manicures (the manicurist inevitably laughs at me - as though I CHOOSE this!) However, due to recent growth, I decided to get springy and paint them a nice light color. I found the Sally Hansen Salon Nail Laquer in Sheerly Beloved, and for the first time in the history of my life my nails got complimented!

I'm not sure if this is a product endorsing blog, or more an outlet for my personal coup over my horrible nails, but take it as you will. This color of nail polish is nice because it looks sort of like a subtle french manicure, without the fussiness. I'm sold.

I took pictures: one with flash (to see my tiny nubbin nails) and one with natural light, to see the true color of the polish.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tarte Earth Day Sale!!

In honor of Earth Day, Tarte cosmetics is offering 20% off of their entire product line (minus icky earth-killing ingredients, bien sur!) - coupon lasts until May 02, 2008 on!

This is a GREAT time to check out a Tarte Cheekstain - they come in tons of colors and are a great way to get a nice summery glow! I'm considering ordering the Blushing Bride, I tried it the last time I was at Sephora and liked the I think the dewier (sp?) consistency will be great for summer!

On a positive note: the 20% off brings the cheek stain down to $22.80, which, with the $5 shipping, brings you out for still less than you could buy it with tax in Sephora yourself! How's that for a deal???

2 quick sidenotes:

1) Can we please just have a moment for the cosmetics company that puts an ANCHOR on their waterproof masara? I'm in love...too bad I don't do waterproof...

2) Another fun thing Tarte offers? Lipgloss double ended duos that you can personalize for weddings, showers, etc! Has anyone heard of anything I need more IN THIS LIFE than that? Makeup for parties? Love it! The problem you want a man who's into that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick tip for pluckers

No, no, PLUCKers...

Well, in last post, I mentioned that I planned to hold out for a wax.

I caved.

Truth is, my brows are too dark to be messing around with that. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! That is the only way to win...

Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who, when plucking their brows, think they have gotten every little hair. Then, next thing you know, you give it a feel or look in one of those dangerously awesome 10x mirrors, and LOOK, a whole other eyebrow's worth of hair (usually blonde - the only ones that grow on my body) is waiting below...

After years of being annoyed by this, I finally (shut up, I'm slow) came up with a solution. Prior to plucking, I whipped out my handy-dandy Bourjois eyebrow mascara (mascara, but for brows) that is normally reserved for filling in holes when I get pluck-happy, and just colored the hell out of those normally blonde hairs below my natural arch.

WORD OF WARNING: You will not appreciate the way this makes you look. I'm not kidding here. It's scary. It will frighten you, because there may be a LOT of hair hiding there. You might have nightmares. But you will survive. Power through. It's worth it for the smooth, silky brow arch that awaits, trust me.

So this made my plucking so intense that my arches have that lovely just-waxed-within-an-inch-of-their-lives smoothness. Ahhhhhh....

Try it!

Two important points:
1. You most certainly do not have to have "special brow mascara" for this. Any mascara (that's not those new funky brushes like CG has) will work perfectly. You'll be plucking or washing it off anyway.
2. However, if you are interested in purchasing a brow gel (and believe me, they are phenomenal if done properly), I recommend Anastasia Brow Gel. I'm telling you, it's worth every penny. I got a free sample of the clear, and I was BLOWN away by how awesome it was. And I am not easily blown away by brow gel. It also comes in tints (which are cheaper). This is not clear mascara! The hold is amazing - it locks your brows in place without them being too stiff. I'm saving all my little pennies to buy it myself!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Clinique Black Honey Deeps Collection

Not wanting to miss an amazing opportunity, I took Sephora up on their offer to buy this set last week when it was marked down to $25. It came in the mail today, and let me just say that there is not one thing in this case I am disappointed with. This includes the bag, which, if we're being honest, is not usually the case with Clinique. Typically, the bag is cheap, ugly, or completely unusable for anything. Not so today!

Here's what the set offers:
  1. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey - I have heard it rumored that this is the shade that looks good on everyone. I have to be honest - I think they're right. In the tube, it is SCARY, almost black looking, and you think, oh, no way. This is going to make me look Goth. Wrong-o. It is a beautiful berry that makes a great color on pale skin without the "I just drank someone's blood, let's go sleep in a coffin" look. Always a great choice, and Clinique offers it for $14 alone, which is not bad for a lipstick you can wear to anything from a day shopping to a night out. (*Note: while a good color/product to use as a stain, the Glosswear in Black Honey is slightly less user friendly. If applied wrong, you DO look like a vampire. Just go easy with it.)
  2. Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow Trio - This is an exclusive to the set. The colors exist in Clinique's current line, but not in this combination. They include the darker shade of the rose chocolate duo, which is much like if you mixed a soft brown with mauve. 2nd is one of my all time Clinique favorites, Lucky Penny, a shimmery rose color, with just the slightest coppery feel to it. It's amazing alone or with just about any other color. Finally, the highlighter shade is Confetti, a pale pink that goes on with a light shimmer. Together, they are GORGEOUS, I don't know why Clinique doesn't sell this set all the time. Estimated value: $21.50
  3. Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black Honey - Again, I believe this is only available in this set. It's Clinique's great mascara, done in a dark cherry. Beautiful for any color eyes, it's a subtle cherry that covers and darkens like a black. I doubt anyone would notice the color except in direct sunlight. Mostly it just brightens your peepers so people think, "wow!" $14 for full tube, so probably worth half of that.
  4. Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Honey - So the trend here is: this stuff is ONLY available in the kit! Which is too bad, because it is awesome! This is a great eye pencil, smooth and creamy, no splinters in your eyelid. It includes its own sharpener in the cap. I think I've said enough about the Black Honey, you get the idea. These in other colors are $15.50.
  5. Clinique Full Potential Lip Gloss in Blackberry Bloom - This is, by far, my most favorite part of the set. And the best part??? You can actually BUY it! It's not exclusive! It is a "plumper," although not in the burn your lips off way. It's very nice feeling, a good thick gloss. The color (although it looks like the darkest of the ones available) is a pretty, sweet berry, that is so subtle it looks like you're just blessed with good coloring and wearing clear gloss. I LOVE THIS. If you buy nothing else, I recommend this gloss. $17.50.

So that was the set, including the bag, which is a dark purple faux croc square bag, zippered along one side (much like a small lunch box). It's very roomy inside and for once, I think I'll use it. With the deal I got, a code also scored you a free travel size Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. Score!

Now, I don't know if you've been doing the math, but this is almost $60 worth of makeup ALONE. Not including the (useful) bag and the free sample of makeup remover. I paid $32 including shipping. That's good math, peeps. We like math like that.

So, if your happy fingers make it to Sephora and they have restocked, or over to ebay and someone besides the crazy person selling it for $78 is offering it, I highly recommend. Otherwise, seriously, look into those two lip colors. You won't be sorry.

*EDIT: I promise that when I get my eyebrows waxed, I will take a picture of me wearing the whole set, complete with pictures of EACH lip color. But for now, I am living underneath a deep, dense forest that I lovingly call "Eyebrow Left" and Eyebrow Right." And kids - this is the stuff nightmares are made of...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Variation on an Old Theme

A cool thing happened about 15 years ago (possibly earlier, but that was when "beauty" entered my world). The obsession with tanning and dark skin led to the creation of Self Tanners: Magical potions that overnight would turn you a shade darker (or a shade oranger, in some cases). Being blessed with pale skin and legs that DEFY TANNING, I tried them ALL. Even Toma's Tan Perfect - which, by the way, remains as the best one I've ever used. However it is WAY too involved. I don't have that kind of time in my life.

So, self tanning was all the rage for about 10 years. There were ones with bronzers, ones with shimmer, ones that braided your hair and sang you to sleep. But through it all, women were tan, but not totally pleased: the ankles! The lines on the feet! The drying! The OBVIOUS mistakes! What do we do? This product is not perfect, and we demand perfection!

Enter gradual tanners. Applied like a lotion, this will, over time, develop your optimal tan without the heinous streaks and dark ankles and knees. HALLELUJAH! Women the world over rejoiced and ran out in droves. Soon, these had bronzers, shimmers, firming potions...we had a new way of tanning. And it was awesome. I'm a believer. But I wasn't a difficult convert, seeing as how my veins on my legs are visible through my skin...

Now, Jergens has produced this:

Yes. That's right sports fans. It's gradual tanner, but FASTER. So, like gradual, but instead, not. Sounds amazingly like - TA DA! - Self tanner! I should be a brain surgeon.

And let me tell you: that's exactly what it is. I know. Because I bought it.

Now, many women across the country are running out in droves to buy this, because it is NEW AND AMAZING. Guess what? It's not new. But it IS amazing. I bought it, knowing full well that it was exactly what I gave up in favor of gradual.

And now that I have shown just exactly how ahead of the Jergens Marketing Dept I am, here is my review:

I bought this on sale at CVS, where it is normally $7.99, which is not bad. It is a small bottle, but it says it only needs 3 days, so who needs more product? Plus, I had a $2 off coupon.

So I ran home yesterday with my new/old product in my hot little hands, showered and immediately applied. I then went to play football and promptly forgot about it, until later last night, when I was studying, looked down at my legs and (literally) said, "Hot damn! When did my legs get so tan!" I had, by this point, forgotten I'd applied. For a split second. Then I got really excited. I reapplied after the post-football shower last night. My legs are dark as hell. At least, for me. I wore a skirt today, in honor of the fact that my legs looked good enough to pull it off! Very, very exciting.

Ok, getting serious now:
* This stuff is MUCH like the self-tanners we all know and love - I have lines on my feet and two random spots on the front of my neck from not being careful enough in my application. I will not make this mistake tomorrow.

* I, of course, bought the darker shade, because I am just WILD like that. However, it's pretty dark, especially since I'm only on day 2 of the magical 3. I think it looks ok on me because I'm yellow-pale, rather than most people's pink-pale. For all my pink friends, I'd say go with the lighter shade - this stuff is powerful! Also on pink pale, it may turn orange. Plus, seriously, it's $8 lost if I'm wrong.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Almay Intense i-Color Line

OK, this one's been around for a while, but they have recently re-vamped, warranting a revisit to their products (which I typically love).

Almay does good makeup. This is no surprise. I was THRILLED when they announced this line a few years ago, because it's always hard to find the perfect colors to play up your eye color. I was, however, slightly disappointed that the Blue Eyes collection had blues in it. Not because I don't LIKE blue, but because blue doesn't bring out blue in my eyes, which are dark blue, and kind of grey-ish. They get coaxed out of hiding by things like red and pink, and really rich bronzes.

Enter the NEW Almay Play Up Collection! Not only have they introduced a contrast color eye shadow collection, but they now have liquid liner and a clump-free mascara! Originally, the blue eye set included a no-sharpen pencil in Brown Topaz (gorgeous!) with Blue Sapphire mascara. Now, they have a Blue Sapphire smudgie eye liner (with the little sponge on the end), the liquid liner in Brown Topaz, and the No Clump Volumizing mascara in Brown Topaz! Hooray!

The best part??? They have them for Hazel, Blue, Brown and Green eyes, and they are currently on SALE at Target!

My problem is I want ALL the colors...not just blue. Go figure.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner in Jungle Green

It's really no secret that lately I have been obsessed with all things green. You simply need to take a look at my wardrobe and makeup collection to see I'm borderline obsessed. This is no exception.

Rimmel Eye Liner in Jungle Green is an incredible eye liner. First of all, Rimmel's eye liners are really great, because they're very soft. It's not like your typical $2.99 eye liner that feels like you're impaling splinters into your eyelid. Ho, no, this is nice and smooth. So I highly recommend the eye liners, even if you don't prefer Jungle Green.

But now, a word on Jungle Green. I know that I am more prone to loving these kinds of colors, but let me tell you - if ever you were to try cutting your teeth on an "uncommon" color, this would be the one. It's lovely - a nice bluey-green with a hint of sparkle. Today I tried it over Clinique's Lucky Penny, and I thought it looked very nice and subtle with a kick!

So try it. $2.99 at Walgreens - probably cheaper at Walmart and Target.

P.S. WOOHOO - a picture!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Target Clearance Bin Raid

Target has clearanced out a whole mess of cosmetics, which of course wooed me in with those gorgeous little red stickers...I'm such a sucker for a sale!

What I liked:
  1. Maybelline Pure Concealer Blemish Treatment Stick - this has 2% salicylic acid in it, making it great for breakouts. However, this was not my intended use. Lately I have discovered that lining my lips (outside them, obviously) with concealer not only makes my lips look prettier and less rough, but also makes my lip gloss look better and stay in place. This is especially good if you're doing a strong color. This little stick is as easy to use as a lip liner, ergo perfect for this chore. PLUS, salicylic acid around the lips will do well to prevent those nasty little lip wrinkles! $1.24 in the bin.
  2. Karma Beauty Mascara in Royal Blue - I don't have a link, this is one of those cutesy products Target has begun selling. It's a fun line, go browse - they're usually very cheap. Anyway, if you're dying to try colored mascara, this is the way to go - I love royal blue, because it makes the whites of your eyes look whiter, hence your eyes look brighter overall. But for blue eyes, anything in a magenta would work too. This was a cheap trial of blue, and it's a GREAT blue, not like, HELLO blue lashes, but just a subtle blue that you can only tell under very bright light. Good mascara overall, especially for the $0.94 price tag.
  3. Revlon Marble-ous Match in Orchid Me Not - This was not in the clearance bin, but I was dying to try it, so it made the list. It's a combo eye crayon/ liner, and the liner is a marble of two colors. It comes in 5 dual ended colors, all of which looked interesting to me, but I went with the Orchid, because it had purple-y colors in it, and I was intrigued. This one has a liner that is purple and gold marble, then a crayon that is a bronze with a slightly cooler undertone (maybe just the slightest hint of green?) The colors are VERY pretty. I did my whole lid in the crayon, then lined top and bottom with the marbled liner. The nice thing about this is that it's VERY subtle, which is good for anyone. This would be my go-to for the days when I want to look like I'm not wearing much makeup, ergo perfect for everyone else's "everyday" look. :-p The nice thing is it's an all in one - you wouldn't need anything else but mascara. $8.99

Things I did not like:

  1. Maybelline Super Away Lipcolor Remover - This gloss is supposed to remove your lip color like an eye makeup remover. One thing that sucks about red lipstick is the stain that it leaves on your lips - usually a good sign for the quality of the lipstick, but not fun to remove. Naturally, to test its true virtue, I attempted to remove red lipstick with it. Result? Red lipstick stain. No noticeable improvement, except that it's glossy, so my lips were moisturized. Now, it might be better with lip liners, etc. However, my guess is that this made the clearance bin because most women like to keep their lipstick ON. Thumbs down. $0.94 lost.

EDIT: I figured out a better method for the Revlon Marble-ous Duo Stick: Put a neutral eye shadow all over your lid (I used Clinique's Daybreak - it's a great one!), then take the crayon part and use it in the crease just like you're drawing an arc over your eye - it just sweeps naturally, go with it! Then line as usual with the liner. Looks awesome!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Tip

From our friends at Women's Health Magazine:

To really pump up your lashes, apply one coat of mascara, then, using a Q-tip, pat lashes lightly with translucent face powder. Immediately follow with another coat of mascara.

I tried this tonight for the first time and it works AMAZINGLY!! It really bulked up my lashes. I will caution you to try this leaning over a mirror so that you don't get any powder in your eye...learn from my experience people.

Sidenote: I got the Urban Decay Lounge - it is every bit as AWESOME as I expected!! It's got red, green, shimmer, the works. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I might put one up. This stuff is not for the faint of heart,'s taken me a few tries to get to the "dark maven" stage, as opposed to the "I've been punched in the face while suffering from severe allergies" stage. However, it is SO worth the effort!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cherry Culture Makeup

Found a new website today, courtesy of Raging Rouge. They're having a March Madness sale - 20% off everything. It looks like they have a wide variety of products, although I haven't taken the time to do a full scale investigation. I see they do offer the NYX line, which is amazing eye shadow. They make an orange that is sweet sweet bliss to any Vols fan!

I have noticed that the prices range from the disgustingly cheap (eye shadow for $1!!!) to the relatively expensive, so fun could truly be had with the 20% off.

Enjoy, and let me know if you find something I need!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday's Edition of Stuff I Want

Laura Geller Eyebrow Tint and Grooming Gel Tamer - While hanging around tonight, I watched QVC's Saturday Night Beauty. They feature a lot of the products I know and love from Sephora. Today, they featured this brow groomer, which is in a mascara style wand, but the formula has little fibers in it to fill in your brows. Laura Geller was on herself, and called it a "toupee" for your eyebrows.

Now, I have the brows from hell. They would grow all the way down to my lash line if I'd let them, and they're DARK...much darker than I ever allow my hair to be. However, for some reason, the right one (and only the right one) tends to grow sparsely in ONE spot - incidently the only spot where I would never pluck, the thick part right above the inside corner of my eye. It's not something anyone would ever notice, but I hate it.

Anyway, this looks cool because not only is it color that doesn't seem to go on like mascara (a brow product pet peeve of mine), and then a separate end with gel to hold it in place.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Four Decades of Beautiful Skin

From MSN Lifestyle - start taking care early!

Maybelline Mineral Powder

Also on the list of things I love: Maybelline's new Mineral Powder liquid foundation. I know, I know, "But Katie, you HATE liquid foundation." Yes, grasshopper, you are correct. However, as everyone and their mom's 2nd cousin's BFF's hairdresser seems to love mineral makeup, I thought I might like to jump on the bandwagon, being as how anything related to makeup scores higher on the list than bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. However, after my sampler pack from Simply Minerals was tested, I discovered that almost-30-year-old dry skin + extra powder = almost-40-year-old LOOKING skin. This is not happy math.

SO, enter Maybelline, who loves to solve the problems of the cheap and makeup obsessed. Plus, they manage to have their foundation NOT smell like Noxema (ahem, Cover Girl). And to top it off, Target had it on sale and so did CVS, so it was a natural assumption that it would become part of my coterie.

What I love:

  • Good coverage - I put it on with a brush, because I am tres snob like that, but I start from the outside of the face and work in, and I like the coverage.

  • NOT HEAVY - mark this day in history - for once, I like a doesn't sit like a 400lb gorilla in my (very small and totally happiness created) wrinkles

  • Many colors - and, GET THIS, at (my) CVS, they even had samples you could try to check color. I got classic ivory. Yeah, I'm pale. Shut it.

  • It stays in place - Now, I would never, ever, ever talk badly about my favorite tinted moisturizer. However, they have a tendancy to disappear right around 1pm. And since no one I know has retired yet, this is typically before end of working (schooling?) day.

What I don't love:

  • Actually, NOTHING! So far, I'm really liking it! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!

  • OK, wait, I have one - if you don't wear powder over it (which I always do, so this is not a problem), you can look slightly shiny. But it could be construed as good shiny (ie glowing). Your choice, really.