Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just say NO to bunions and hammertoes!

Lately, I've been reading a lot of press about the "dangers of flip flops." Being a flop lover myself, I am of course intrigued. Apparently, aside from the dangers of having the majority of your foot exposed (to sun, falling objects, stubbed toes, etc), there is an increased risk of hammer toes associated with gripping thong sandals. This also causes you to walk differently, which can lead to back pain, sore joints, etc - but for now, we'll worry about the cosmetic side.

I still love my flip flops - so what's the solution? I really don't want ugly feet!

Enter YogaToes - yes, go ahead, get a good chuckle. However, I bought these little beauties about a year ago, and when my dogs are barking, they truly offer relief.

Are they weird looking? Definitely
Do they feel strange? Most assuredly
But do they work? I'm a believer!

Truthfully, when I first put them on, they hurt. Not super "I can't take this" pain - but about how I felt the first time I took Yoga: "Oh crap! Those are muscles that needed to be stretched!"

I wear them when reading in bed, laid up on the couch watching TV, in the bath tub (a VERY good place), or sometimes when I'm studying. The website focuses a lot on the hammertoes and crooked big toes (where it bends over towards the rest of the toes), but I have also found they relieve pain in my arches and just general aches in my feet.

So, if you have discomfort in your daily shoes (flips flops or no), or if your toes and feet are starting to look a little gnarly - get your body the easiest and most effective workout you can do while still sitting on the couch and eating ice cream - Yoga Toes.

I'm going to go put mine on right now :-)

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Sandra said...

Thank you for the article. I just got mine and hope to cure my Mortons Neuroma with them.