Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Stuff at Origins

Origins is running a little freebie this week - go in and listen to them pump products for 5 minutes (any saavy Clinique customer can handle this!) and walk away with samples of one of three of their skin lines.

Options available include:
1. A Perfect World - this is the skincare line for just about everyone, and the one I got. It included A Perfect World Deep Cleanser, Liquid Moisture, Antioxidant Moisturizer, and Body Cream. The smell is awesomely clean and natural smelling - like white tea. I used the cleanser, liquid moisture, and moisturizer tonight, and really enjoyed how light and clean my skin feels.

2. Origins Organics - this is for the hardcore vegan/organicophites. These products are all organic, USDA approved (like steak?). I don't care for overly organic. To me, I feel like I need a little chemical or I might as well use dirt to wash my face. CALL ME CRAZY. Anyhoo - in this set is a foaming face wash, a purifying tonic, a nourishing face lotion, and a silkening body spritz.

3. Dr. Andrew Weil for Organics - Sorry this set isn't showing up online. They DID have it at the Chattanooga store, so it's still available. This line is for people with "problem" skin - it solves all problems from dryness, sensitivity, redness, acne, etc etc etc....miracle product. I believe it includes the Plantidote - Mega Mushroom line - cleanser, face cream, toner, and body lotion. So for all with sensitive skin (or those who are Mario Bros fans!) - go for the 'shrooms.

Anyway, fun little freebie where you can check out a whole new skin care line, good until 9/3/08. Priced out for the full size products of what I bought, I'd spend around $75 for that line (not including body lotion, because, please). Not terrible, and probably what I've spent in the past. We'll see if I wake up with hives in the morning ;-)


Jessica Ownby said...

Hey! I'm Marci's friend in Knoxville. Love your blog. We don't have a stand alone origins. I wonder if I can still get this deal at the origins stand at Belk?


Katie said...

Oh, I got it at Belk - they should have it - go give it a try!!