Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After a long hiatus...

I present - Sales and new products!!

1) Hard Candy Cosmetics is selling everything on their website for 75% off! That amounts to eyeshadows for $3.12. Quite a steal! They have a very cutesy style - kind of teeny-bopper, but still good quality product.
2) Urban Decay is having their 900th Friends and Family discount this year - 30% off with the code FFL30 - good from 8/21 to 8/28. They have just introduced a new line of lipsticks, have a great new(ish) demattifying powder, and of course their eyeshadows, eye primer, and 24/7 pencils (now in lips too!) are always a great choice!

3) Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub - I just bought this a few weeks ago, and I really love it! Not only is is Neutrogena (plus), it's a good solid scrub that clears your skin without making it red and irritated. PLUS, it smells like grapefruit - a nice clean citrus that is perfect for morning wake up!

4) Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation - I just saw this for the first time at Target last night. After a little research, I have found that most women who love Olay products prefer the older Total Effects line to the new Regernist or Definity lines. This is Olay's same Total Effects daily treatment, but with a hint of foundation, which I presume is much like a tinted moisturizer. It looks very intriguing, I must say, and includes UV protection with SPF 15 (although the packaging doesn't say this - I found it online). Definitely try it out if you are an Olay fan - I didn't buy it because a) I love me some Neutrogena Healthy Skin, and b) it was $17.99, and my bank account is running on fumes. Perhaps soon, though.

5) Sundae Afternoon Body Scrub - I received this as a gift for volunteering at the American Cancer Society Beach Ball this weekend. It's a cutely packaged sugar scrub, made up to look similar to a pint of Ben and Jerry's. The flavor I got was Coconutty Lime Sherbet, and I tried it last night for the first time. First, let me start by saying that I am not a huge scrub user. Yes, I find them intriguing and want to buy them, but usually they just collect dust because I can't be bothered, or they're too scrubby for my skin. NOT SO in this case - this is a scrub I will use! Sadly, I cannot find a picture of it on their website, but I believe it is on clearance at the store now, originally priced $24.95, but now half off. Enjoy!

That's probably enough for now...I'll come up with a few more later!

Happy Shopping!!

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