Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just received a code today for 20% of your purchase at Benefit cosmetics!

This is wonderful news because not only does Benefit have great products (some of which I discussed in my last post), but they also have come out with some cute new gift sets for Christmas!

You should definitely go check the gift sets out, but also take a gander at the Buh Buys - which have great deals on some cream shadows, makeup brushes, and a few other fun products!

Benefit has also just introduced a new mascara color - BadGal Plum - guaranteed to accentuate your eye color. Plum, as I mentioned before, is so hot right now (as Mugatu would say...). Fun for a try!

You'll really just have to go check it out. I'll give you recommendations if you really need them, or you can check my Benefit label to see what I've liked and not liked.

The code is BENEBABE. Enjoy!

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Mythbuster Beauty said...

Got to love the 20% off at Benefit! Thanks for the update.