Monday, October 27, 2008

Sephora Beauty Insiders!!! DEAL ALERT!!

For anyone who has a Sephora Beauty Insider account (these are free - go to your local Sephora and sign up if you want this) - Sephora is offering a nice discount!

Enter code JZD55MXH at checkout to receive $15 off of a $35 or more purchase! Sephora is also offering free shipping and samples with your order, so this is a FABULOUS opportunity!!!

Alright, math time - if you spend $35, this amounts to a 42% discount - CRAZY!!!

Many of the brands Sephora offers are selling Christmas gift sets - including Benefit, Urban Decay, Philosophy, and many, many others. Start shopping!!!

Let me know if you need any help ;-) Offer ends Oct 31st - and obviously applies to online shopping.

Thanks to Jen at Mythbuster Beauty for passing along such an incredible deal! Please check out her site, she always checks out fun stuff!

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