Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CVS Seasonal Clean Out

I dropped by CVS last night because they are having an amazing sale on Coke 12 packs (5 for $11!!!), and of course had to browse the makeup section, because I'm pretty sure I would have a seizure if I didn't.

Lucky for me, it was that glorious time of the year when CVS cleans out some of their makeup inventory by sending the magical Clearance Fairy around with 50% and 75% off stickers to randomly place on merchandise! Just the site of those brightly colored stickers gets me all excited! Occasionally, this sale leaves something to be desired, with only the super dark foundations, or truly heinous shades of lipstick left. NOT SO last night! I think every major brand had something that was 50-75% off, and it was good stuff. I managed to limit myself to only one eye shadow and a new foundation, but it was very difficult. My rule was to only buy at 75% off. That helped. I only spent $5 - for $20 worth of makeup! Covergirl had some great eye shadow colors half off, Maybelline had their Dream Matte Mousse Eye Shadows 50% off, and L'Oreal had various eye shadows, some stuff from their HIP line, and a few foundations available.

I bought one pale green matte eye shadow from L'Oreal, and a foundation they had, which I think I'm going to really like. It's their Visible Lift Extra Coverage makeup. Aside from the 75% off, I was also intrigued because this has Retinol in it, which is great for your skin, but also because it is a foundation (not a tinted moisturizer) with SPF 17! I tried it out this morning, and it's not heavy, goes on well, and blends really nicely with good coverage. For the product and how much you get, it's a decent price ($12.99 at my store - before the discount, obviously!), and a product I was pleased with. Check into it if you need a new foundation and like to take care of your skin!

P.S. Another bonus to this item is that it comes in REALLY pale shades. I bought maybe the third palest shade (which is unusual for me) - and the ones before me were very light. So that's good for the paleys!

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