Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick ideas for fun in the sun!

I'm not going to waste time lecturing about sun exposure. Most everyone who reads this knows me, knows I am pale (mostly by choice), wear SPF every day (on face and body), and wear hats whenever I'm outside for long periods of time. I believe sun makes you wrinkly. I don't want to be wrinkly. Anywhere.

However, as you can tell by my constant review of tanning products, I do love the color a tan gives you, so I totally understand why some people bake themselves into oblivion. The truth? I can't stand "laying out." I find it boring, always have. Pale is just easier. Plus there's that happy plus of maybe not getting skin cancer.

ANYWAY, off the soap box. Two new products have come across my radar, and I thought I'd share. I haven't tried either, but I plan to add them to the cache very soon - especially before I head to the beach!

1. Lubriderm Daily UV Moisturizer with SPF 15 - I know how much it sucks to wear sunscreen everyday. The smell alone is heinous. Lubriderm is pioneering into daily lotion with SPF, and I'm sure others will follow. Luckily, it does not smell like sunscreen, although it does smell like Lubriderm, which some are not fans of. It's not very expensive, maybe $7-8 for one of those big pump bottles. Much cheaper than sunscreen. And it's easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I think it would be a winning combo with a self tanner (tan at night, spf in the am - PERFECT!), and for $8 - isn't your skin worth it? Do you want to wake up at 50 with those weird wrinkles around your knees and sunspots on your hands?
(Note: If you want to wait OR just get a sample size, Lubriderm is offering a free sample by mail.)

2. Neutrogena Sunblock with Color Boosting Gradual Tan, SPF 30 - Now this is a killer idea - protect your skin while still getting a healthy glow. This product is definitely accompanying me to the beach. It comes in both light and dark (get the dark! Don't be a wuss!), and is a waterproof formula. The one drawback is that in order to get the color to work, you still have to apply it an hour before getting in the water (normal tanners are 3-5) - of course, normal sunscreens suggest waiting at least 30 minutes anyway - we just do it incorrectly. However, for a tan WITH SPF, I think it's a great idea! And besides, there are so many other summer activities that don't involve the water - gardening, playing with kids outside, hiking, biking...And here I am spending my summer indoors. At least I'm saving $$ on sunscreen! I saw this at Walmart for around $8-9.

So head out there, paleys, don't be afraid of the sun! Lots of new ideas are coming out DAILY to help us be more sun safe!! Let me know if you hear/try something I should look into...Happy (safe) Sunning!

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