Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everyone wants in...

Bath and Body Works has released a line of gradual self-tanners. Our store had them on sale for $4, so who was I to resist such a deal?

  1. These come in 7 scents (3 from the Breathe line and 4 from the Signature line) - I picked up Sea Island Cotton because it smelled the freshest, but it was a tough call between that and Cherry Blossom. The perk? They smell NOTHING like tanner!
  2. They include a subtle shimmer in them - like nice light-reflecting, not like "I'm 14 and I just dumped glitter on myself" - you know I hate obvious sparkle.
  3. It works!


  1. It works - slooooooooowly. I was going to do it on one leg for 3 days and show you, and while I can SEE a difference, it did not show up on the picture. So gradual is the operative word. Might work better for paler people or those who are not so DEMANDING as I. ***EDIT: Chris could tell last night (without prompting) that one leg was darker - so I guess that means it works. Especially since I think I accidentally put it on both legs one of those days...whatever. Details.***
  2. It has no indicator color - so there is a risk of streaks, but because it's so gradual, I sincerely doubt this is an issue.
  3. When it goes off sale at B&BW, it will be $14.50 - it is NOT worth this. It is, however, worth $4. It's a decent sized bottle, and it could be a maintenence tanner for between Jergens Express or something.

Happy Shopping!!

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