Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, that was probably a little unnecessary. Whew. I'm calm now.


I'm kvelling. Honest. I squealed with excitement when I saw this.

So for anyone living under a ROCK (or not reading my blog. Ahem.) - I am borderline obsessed with all things Urban Decay. Ok, strike that. Mostly their eye makeup. I haven't really tried anything else (YET). But I am OBSESSED with their eye makeup. Matte shadow - AWESOME. Shimmery shadow - AWESOME. Deluxe Shadow - DELUXE AWESOME. And their eyeshadow primer is, as promised on every beauty blog on the web, the best I've ever used.

Which would explain the extreme (and normally saved for cheesecake and free money) excitement about their Friends and Family sale - 30% off their website. This is the perfect opportunity for some of you to take advantage of all the wonderful eye shadows I have been raving about (Lounge? Greeny red vomity goodness?) And at 30% off, they are almost at prices my friends will pay!!! Score! In all seriousness, though...they have real colors. Not just vomitous greeny red and that fab-o color Acid Rain I want so badly...

For me, it's a great time to try their 24/7 eye pencils, which I hear great things about and have been dying to try. And chances are, I will probably pick up a few extra eye shadows along the way...just for kicks.

OH! In all seriousness, though - they do have a set that samples some of their best work. The Best of Urban set includes an eye shadow (in a normal, non bodily fluid color), the truly wonderful eye shadow primer potion, a 24/7 eye pencil...and a glittery eye liner. But just ignore that, unless you spend your weekends at the roller rink...aaaaaand it's 1988. With discount, it's $22.40. For over $50 worth of UD eye stuff. This is all that good karma coming back to you. Promise.

So, to recap:
*Urban Decay Friends and Family sale 30% on
*Urban Decay eye shadows rock the house (also the primer potion)
I think that's all.

And now I must go sell my body on the street for makeup money. Toodles!

EDIT: In rereading my manic blog, I realized that my excitement led me to leave out a lot of pertinent information. For starters, the coupon code for this fabulous deal: FFA30. Additionally, I neglected to mention that the sale goes until 4/30, leaving everyone ample time to explore what they'd like to purchase. And, sadly enough, after looking at monthly budgets, it appears I will not be purchasing this time around. But I probably should just have fun with what I've got, right?

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Anonymous said...

The glitter eyeliner is actually really awesome.