Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tarte Earth Day Sale!!

In honor of Earth Day, Tarte cosmetics is offering 20% off of their entire product line (minus icky earth-killing ingredients, bien sur!) - coupon lasts until May 02, 2008 on!

This is a GREAT time to check out a Tarte Cheekstain - they come in tons of colors and are a great way to get a nice summery glow! I'm considering ordering the Blushing Bride, I tried it the last time I was at Sephora and liked the I think the dewier (sp?) consistency will be great for summer!

On a positive note: the 20% off brings the cheek stain down to $22.80, which, with the $5 shipping, brings you out for still less than you could buy it with tax in Sephora yourself! How's that for a deal???

2 quick sidenotes:

1) Can we please just have a moment for the cosmetics company that puts an ANCHOR on their waterproof masara? I'm in love...too bad I don't do waterproof...

2) Another fun thing Tarte offers? Lipgloss double ended duos that you can personalize for weddings, showers, etc! Has anyone heard of anything I need more IN THIS LIFE than that? Makeup for parties? Love it! The problem you want a man who's into that?

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