Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walgreens - be there or be square!

Walgreens is having some amazing sales on cosmetics this week. Everything Neutrogena is 20% off, which, by Walgreens prices, puts it about where it needs to be. What I was intrigued by was the whole Physicians Formula line being 40% off. I normally bypass this makeup, because I don't think they work hard enough at making the packaging fun. Anyone who believes in the "don't judge a book by its cover" has clearly never taken a marketing class or walked in a Sephora. Cover-judging is the only way to make some of life's important decisions. But I digress...

I was intrigued by these palates. They come with NINE shades, already divided into threes for optimal matching. Now, of course, I didn't actually buy the blue eye palate. I've got enough bronze to last me two lifetimes. I bought the green eye palate, because I needed some purples, and it looked like fun. Also, at 40%, it brought the whole palate down to $6, which is good for my budget! Physicians Formula also has a whole new line of organic makeup - so for all those natural beauties, you can get good makeup for discount prices!

In addition, all the Rimmel makeup was BOGO free! This was a great time to buy their $2.99 Soft Kohl eye pencils (remember my rant about Jungle Green?!?). I bought a black (staple) and a pretty lavender. Two eye pencils for $2.99 - SCORE!

Finally, I scoped out the cheaper side of Walgreens cosmetics. Walgreens is great because they showcase all these brands no one has ever heard of - and sometimes they really ARE awesome. Tonight, I tried a lip gloss by a brand called Jordanna. The gloss is one of those twist up brush on kinds, and it comes in all shades - each of which has a coordinating flavor. I wanted a clearish one, but that was Pina Colada, and I'd rather die than smell that under my nose...instead I opted for lighter pink with the flavor of pink grapefruit. These are GREAT glosses - enough color to look like something, but also sheer enough to pick pretty much whatever color/flavor combo you want. All for the low, low price of $1.99. STEAL! They also had eye liners, lip liners, all sorts of stuff, all for $1.99 or less! I limited myself to one product, though...I'm proud of that.

Moral of tonight's story is this: This is the week to get your makeup-loving booty into Walgreens - especially all of you out there who go for the cheaper side of cosmetics! I know not everyone's a Sephora lover like me, but even slumming can be fun, right? Pick up some new eye shadow (yellow is ALL THE RAGE this year!), a new lip gloss (orangey-pink, anyone?), or an awesome eye liner (try a fun color!). You can get a load of good stuff for less than $10. Beauty comes cheap this week!

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