Friday, March 28, 2008

Almay Intense i-Color Line

OK, this one's been around for a while, but they have recently re-vamped, warranting a revisit to their products (which I typically love).

Almay does good makeup. This is no surprise. I was THRILLED when they announced this line a few years ago, because it's always hard to find the perfect colors to play up your eye color. I was, however, slightly disappointed that the Blue Eyes collection had blues in it. Not because I don't LIKE blue, but because blue doesn't bring out blue in my eyes, which are dark blue, and kind of grey-ish. They get coaxed out of hiding by things like red and pink, and really rich bronzes.

Enter the NEW Almay Play Up Collection! Not only have they introduced a contrast color eye shadow collection, but they now have liquid liner and a clump-free mascara! Originally, the blue eye set included a no-sharpen pencil in Brown Topaz (gorgeous!) with Blue Sapphire mascara. Now, they have a Blue Sapphire smudgie eye liner (with the little sponge on the end), the liquid liner in Brown Topaz, and the No Clump Volumizing mascara in Brown Topaz! Hooray!

The best part??? They have them for Hazel, Blue, Brown and Green eyes, and they are currently on SALE at Target!

My problem is I want ALL the colors...not just blue. Go figure.

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