Friday, March 14, 2008

Target Clearance Bin Raid

Target has clearanced out a whole mess of cosmetics, which of course wooed me in with those gorgeous little red stickers...I'm such a sucker for a sale!

What I liked:
  1. Maybelline Pure Concealer Blemish Treatment Stick - this has 2% salicylic acid in it, making it great for breakouts. However, this was not my intended use. Lately I have discovered that lining my lips (outside them, obviously) with concealer not only makes my lips look prettier and less rough, but also makes my lip gloss look better and stay in place. This is especially good if you're doing a strong color. This little stick is as easy to use as a lip liner, ergo perfect for this chore. PLUS, salicylic acid around the lips will do well to prevent those nasty little lip wrinkles! $1.24 in the bin.
  2. Karma Beauty Mascara in Royal Blue - I don't have a link, this is one of those cutesy products Target has begun selling. It's a fun line, go browse - they're usually very cheap. Anyway, if you're dying to try colored mascara, this is the way to go - I love royal blue, because it makes the whites of your eyes look whiter, hence your eyes look brighter overall. But for blue eyes, anything in a magenta would work too. This was a cheap trial of blue, and it's a GREAT blue, not like, HELLO blue lashes, but just a subtle blue that you can only tell under very bright light. Good mascara overall, especially for the $0.94 price tag.
  3. Revlon Marble-ous Match in Orchid Me Not - This was not in the clearance bin, but I was dying to try it, so it made the list. It's a combo eye crayon/ liner, and the liner is a marble of two colors. It comes in 5 dual ended colors, all of which looked interesting to me, but I went with the Orchid, because it had purple-y colors in it, and I was intrigued. This one has a liner that is purple and gold marble, then a crayon that is a bronze with a slightly cooler undertone (maybe just the slightest hint of green?) The colors are VERY pretty. I did my whole lid in the crayon, then lined top and bottom with the marbled liner. The nice thing about this is that it's VERY subtle, which is good for anyone. This would be my go-to for the days when I want to look like I'm not wearing much makeup, ergo perfect for everyone else's "everyday" look. :-p The nice thing is it's an all in one - you wouldn't need anything else but mascara. $8.99

Things I did not like:

  1. Maybelline Super Away Lipcolor Remover - This gloss is supposed to remove your lip color like an eye makeup remover. One thing that sucks about red lipstick is the stain that it leaves on your lips - usually a good sign for the quality of the lipstick, but not fun to remove. Naturally, to test its true virtue, I attempted to remove red lipstick with it. Result? Red lipstick stain. No noticeable improvement, except that it's glossy, so my lips were moisturized. Now, it might be better with lip liners, etc. However, my guess is that this made the clearance bin because most women like to keep their lipstick ON. Thumbs down. $0.94 lost.

EDIT: I figured out a better method for the Revlon Marble-ous Duo Stick: Put a neutral eye shadow all over your lid (I used Clinique's Daybreak - it's a great one!), then take the crayon part and use it in the crease just like you're drawing an arc over your eye - it just sweeps naturally, go with it! Then line as usual with the liner. Looks awesome!

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