Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This week...

Things I love this week:

  1. Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion- I have used this every year for the past 3 to get a "tan," since natural sun is something my body neither needs nor accepts willingly. It's been since Sunday morning and already I look tan enough to expose my legs (no visible veins...). Plus, they have done something so that the smell is not so...smelly. Do not be afraid to choose the darkest one. Believe me, this is the only way it's worth it. I have tried Target, CVS, and Walmart's generic versions. They are all good, but I have to say I've seen the most immediate change with the name brand. It's only about $2 more. I use it every day as my regular moisturizer, and a bottle lasts me about 6 weeks.

  2. Philosophy Microdelivery Peel - This is the only home exfoliation I have EVER liked...and I try everything that does not cost a fortune. It has two steps, one where you put Vitamin C crystals on your face (for physical exfoliation), then the second where you add activator and it gets all warm (chemical exfoliation). It makes my skin super smooth without drying it at all (often promised, rarely delivered...). And while it IS expensive, a little goes a long way. I recommend it with Philosophy's Makeup Optional set.

  3. Lancome LUCI Eye Shadow Du0 - Not only are these colors AWESOME alone, they blend to make all these different shades of peachy pinky bronze. Amazing. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? In my opinion, definitely, provided you will use them on a regular basis...this probably exempts me. Plus, who can resist the packaging???

  4. Sephora Sleep Mask - Yes, yes. Very "old Hollywood." But I'm telling you, if you can find one that fits nicely, you will sleep much better, especially if you sleep in a room with lots of light in the morning. It could be because it pushes your eyelids closer together, so they crust more, so you feel more fresh-from-deep-sleep-ish when you wake up, but I liked it. My friend Megan has sworn by these for years, and I always tried, but never found one I liked...til now. They gave these away for free dollars at the Knoxville grand opening of Sephora, but they're available everywhere. Rule of thumb: You want it to be loose and dark, with a back strap that is NOT an elastic cord. I don't have a picture because it's not available, but if you find one you want me to "approve," let me know.

Things I do NOT love this week:

  1. Jergens Natural Glow Facial Lotion - Use this if you really love having your face break out. 'Nuff said.

  2. Lancome Eye Shadow in Strut - Perhaps not everyone will appreciate my desire for leprechaun green eyelids, but I'm sure everyone can understand my frustration when, after it arrived, I realized it was a WHOLLY unexciting shade of pathetic hunter green. BLAH. Money back, por favor.

  3. DuWop Prime Venom - I bought this Friday at Sephora, VERY pumped that I could blend my regular lip gloss with the awesomeness of DuWop Venom lip plumpers. Verdict? Buy some chapstick, because this is just glorified balm. While I do still love DuWop's gloss Venom collection (Pink shimmer is my new favorite), I still say, for the optimal lip plumpage, go with Too Faced Lip Injection. Personally, I love the Techno Buff, because it's an awesome neutral, and offsets the slight redness that comes with the plump. It appears as though Techno Buff is not available online anymore, but the Techno Glow looks nice...

So, an overall good week - 4-3, score one for beauty. And it's only Wednesday...

Things I'm wishing I had $$ for:

  1. TheBalm Balm Shelter - I've heard that this is a great tinted moisturizer, which is my favorite way to get coverage (boo to traditional foundation), plus it's extra SPF, which is nice. But I must use some of what I have before I splurge.

  2. DuWop Reverse Eyeliner - Clearly for $24, I can use my typical wet Q-tip method. However, this is intriguing. I have previously bought a rendition of their reverse lip liner and was unimpressed, but DuWop does do things well...I shouldn't have bargain shopped.

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