Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Color Therapy

I read this article on a beauty blog called Color Therapy, challenging women to go into their eye shadows and make a tally of their colors, browns and plums in one pile, and then other colors in a separate pile, basically making the point that women need to branch out from the brown/plum rut. This inspired me to do a cleanout. I'm proud to say that brown makes up the SMALLEST portion of my eye shadow (esp. after the clean out)...although I think gold/reddish gold might be my brown, as I have that in about every shade they make it, with big sparkles and small. But since I also have bright orange, deep teal, light teal, dark green, peacock, bright purples, black, and everything in between, I think I'm ok as far as color goes. But then, we all know liking colors has never been my weakness...

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