Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Urban Decay Matte Eye Shadow

I just bought myself an early b-day present, the new Urban Decay matte eyeshadow. I bought the color called ABC gum, and it's absolutely awesome. I wanted to tell you guys cause I actually like it that much. On the website it looks slightly more pink/dark than it is, it goes on just barely darker than your skin - enough to tell, but also not like, WHOA, PEACH. I think it would look good on everyone, although on darker skin, it might look a touch different or maybe lighter. And I really like the matte, which is amazing, because I like anything sparkling. It's one of those colors that you could wear alone with just eye liner, or put just about anything on top of it in the crease or smoky-eyed. I actually bought it with the color perversion (matte black - how brave am I?), and finally mastered a smoky eye, which I have never been able to do (and like). I got Narcotic (a teal) from my Sephora Birthday Registry, and it is a little touch of awesome, although I think in that shade line, Lancome Eye Shadow in Personal Style is better, with its prismatic shimmer (from the same family as the LUCI duo). I think the Urban Decay shadows are really good shadows, even if you're not crazy about the colors I pick out ;-) But they're about the same price as Clinique, and I actually like the consistency a LOT better. I really love the Chronic (bright light green), but I'm trying to go easy, plus I think I need to try that in store...not sure if bright light green flatters me...but then, who WOULDN'T look good in bright green eye shadow? I can't imagine.

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