Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday's Edition of Stuff I Want

Laura Geller Eyebrow Tint and Grooming Gel Tamer - While hanging around tonight, I watched QVC's Saturday Night Beauty. They feature a lot of the products I know and love from Sephora. Today, they featured this brow groomer, which is in a mascara style wand, but the formula has little fibers in it to fill in your brows. Laura Geller was on herself, and called it a "toupee" for your eyebrows.

Now, I have the brows from hell. They would grow all the way down to my lash line if I'd let them, and they're DARK...much darker than I ever allow my hair to be. However, for some reason, the right one (and only the right one) tends to grow sparsely in ONE spot - incidently the only spot where I would never pluck, the thick part right above the inside corner of my eye. It's not something anyone would ever notice, but I hate it.

Anyway, this looks cool because not only is it color that doesn't seem to go on like mascara (a brow product pet peeve of mine), and then a separate end with gel to hold it in place.

Stay tuned...

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